Ama Dablam Difficulty – 3rd Most Popular Mountain of Nepal

14 Jul 2019 Peak Climbing Nepal

Ama Dablam Difficulty – 3rd Most Popular Mountain of Nepal

Ama Dablam (6,812m) is officially the third most popular Himalayan peak of Nepal. The southwest ridge of the mountain is the most popular trekking venture.  The long ridge on each side like the arm of a mother protecting her child and the hanging glaciers defines its name. Ama means mother and Dablam means a jewellery box of Sherpa women or gold necklace. On that note, Ama Dablam means a necklace in the neck of the mother. 

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Ama Dablam Difficulty – 3rd Most Popular Mountain of Nepal

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Ama Dablam is a beautiful peak in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal. Ama Dablam expedition covers the beautiful trekking trails, superb mountain peaks, pristine landscapes and rich blend of people and culture. This amazing mountain peak is often referred to as the Matterhorn of the Himalayas.

Ama Dablam Expedition is Asia’s most famous snow, rock, and ice climbing. This expedition offers you stunning views of Everest and thousands of other mountain peaks. Read this article about Ama Dablam Difficulty if you are planning for Ama Dablam Expedition.

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Ama Dablam Difficulty

Though Ama Dablam Comes amongst the easier trek for the beginners, it is technical and hard level is all around. It has plenty of challenging sections. However, this mountain is never extreme. 

Sometimes the mountain can be a challenging one. You must use ice axe, ropes, crampons, ice screws and Jumars.  The challenges are also because of the altitude. The final steep snow and ice slope requires solid rock climbing and cramponing skills. 

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Ama Dablam Difficulty provides easy, moderate and hard experiences. The difficulty level ranges between moderate to hard. There are several short and steep sections and near-vertical ice and rock on the spectacular ridge between Camp I and Camp- III. Climbing to high Camp-I is easy climbing. The route from High Camp- II is mostly covered with steep rocks, snow, ice glaciers, etc. The final landing on the top is a long and steep climb over the snow and ice glacier. It requires both strength and technique.

    Another notable obstacle of Ama Dablam Difficulty is severe cold climate and wind. The weather changes dramatically. Basically one has significant adaptation problem than in any other mountains of similar heights.

    Though it is challenging, there are fixed rope and a well-defined route which make the climb easier as well. 

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    Ama Dablam Expedition

    Where is Ama Dablam?

    Ama Dablam is one of the stunning Himalayan peaks. This mountain peak is located at the Lower Khumbu Valley of Solukhumbu District of Province No 1 in Nepal. It is located to the south of Everest and Lhotse. The exact location of this peak coordinates between 27.86º N latitudes and 86.86º E Longitudes.

    What is the Best time/Season/Weather for Ama Dablam?

    Ama Dablam experiences a wide range of climate. The cold temperature and windy days make it more challenging. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for this venture. Generally, days are warmer in spring and there will be less threat of snow. The weather is pretty unstable during autumn. However, September provides the best Ama Dablam experiences.

    Most people visit Ama Dablam in autumn because most people prefer to visit Everest in spring. Many people prefer climbing before the monsoon or after the monsoon. Therefore, April-May or September-October are the ideal months for climbing.

    Ama Dablam Climbing Route

    The most popular route for climbing Ana Dablam is the southwest ridge. The climb is done with the three camps along the ridge. Camp III is established just below and to the right of the hanging glacier. The southwest route is a standard and normal route to the top. It is also considered the safer route because there are hardly any risks from the avalanches.

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    Ama Dablam Route Map
    Ama Dablam Route Map

    Ama Dablam Climbing Permit

    You need a climbing permit to climb Ama Dablam. You also have to get Area Permit or a Permit to enter into the Sagarmatha National Park. It is not difficult to acquire them. No worries, your trekking partner will get them for you. There will be checkpoints and you must show them for passing through them.


    You will be at the extreme altitude and the risk of AMS is also greater. You should keep on drinking enough water, juice or soup. Keeping your body hydrated is the best way of avoiding altitude sickness. Anything you eat must be carefully chosen. To supply the required energy to your body, consume lots of carbohydrate and protein. Eat plenty of bread, cereals and carbohydrates and protein but avoid fat consumption.


      Ama Dablam trekking trails have many tea houses along the route. They provide shared rooms and good toilet facilities. As you reach the base camp you will find no tea houses or lodges. You will have to adjust to your tent. You will be provided with a sleeping bag and a foam mattress. In some peak months, sometimes no booking will be available. In such cases, camping is all you can do.

      Mt Ama Dablam

      Climbing Preparations

      Safety should be always your first priority. Preparing well in advance is very important for your safe, secure and pleasant climb. Here are some tips in short cut about how to prepare for Ama Dablam Difficulty. Let’s have a look.

        • It is a good idea to take a basic rock climbing course
        • Practice enough gym workouts for this climb. Basically, Cardio and strength endurance training must not be avoided.
        • Be mentally ready to cope with this strenuous peak
        • Consult with your physician to prevent yourself from HAPE and HACE
        • Collect adequate gears and clothing
        • Consult with a professional and well-established trekking partner
        • Hire a professional guide
        • Complete all the mandatory paper works and procedures

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      Who Can Join?

      This mountain expedition is obviously not for the novice climbers. One must have perfect physical fitness as well as knowledge of rock and ice climbing. One should have enough experience with mountains and sound knowledge about climbing gears. In addition to this, one should have the firm determination and enough information about altitude sickness. If you are above 16 and you have all the aforementioned qualifications, YES! This climb does amuse you.


        Ama Dablam is obviously difficult. Don’t take Ama Dablam Difficulty in a simpler way. It can also be a piece of cake if you prepare well and choose the best itinerary with a multitude of acclimatization. This pyramid-shaped mountain is really a lifetime experience for you. 

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