What are the best things to do on Valentine Day in Nepal?

3 Feb 2020 Peak Climbing Nepal

What are the best things to do on Valentine Day in Nepal?

The story behind the Valentine Day

Valentine Day is a Christian Holy day which is observed to remember a Saint named Valentine. It is said that Valentine was a priest who refused to follow the new law imposed by Roman Emperor Claudius II.  The new law stated that the young man must stay single. It is believed that the Emperor did this to grow his army. The Emperor believed that married men are not good for the military. The priest Valentine disobeyed his law and secretly arranged marriage ceremonies for young men. When Claudius found it out, Valentine was arrested and thrown in the jail. Later, he was killed off. Since then, people started celebrating Valentine Day on his memory.

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    Now, this day has become universally popular as Love Day.  It is celebrated as a day of expressing love for each other, gifting roses, exchanging greeting cards, offering candies etc. Many people wait this day to come to put a new love proposal to his/her love. This is a day for celebrating love and affection.

    Happy Valentine Day - Love Day

    What are the best things to do in Nepal on Valentine Day?

    14th February is undoubtedly the most significant day for the couples. The charm of valentine day in the east, especially in Nepal, has also been increasing year after year. The day has been specious since it is the day of love. Celebrating valentine day is celebrating love, friendship and peace. The trend of celebrating Valentine Day to make it special is increasing continuously.

    Valentine Day is not traditionally celebrated in Nepal. However, teenagers have adopted this day as their own. Basically, it is celebrated by exchanging teddy bears, love related greeting cards, chocolate hearts, and spacious dinner for the twos. However, everyone expects a great surprise on this day from their beloved. So, many people still wonder what to do on Valentine Day to make it memorable. Here in this article, I am going to tell you something regarding the same.

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    Many International journals and blogs have listed Nepal among top ten romantic places to spend on Valentine Day. The Huffington Post, an American online news aggregator and blog has published the name of “The Most Romantic Places to Spend Valentine Day”, where Nepal stands at the fourth position.

    The Huffington Post writes, “Trek through the countryside that lies beneath the Himalayas. Just beyond Kathmandu Valley, the rural town of Dhulikhel- an authentic Newar Settlement- is a scenic and culturally interesting base for trekking through the countryside with views of majestic Himalayas. Aside from being a rewarding spot for its outdoor adventure, Nepali heritage and local traditions, you can unwind back at your hotel with activities like meditation, pottery, painting and yoga”.

    Happy Valentine Day

    Obviously, Nepal is the best destination to spend your Valentine Day. Here, I am going to tell you about the activities that can be done during Valentine Day in Nepal. Please, read it.


    Climbing is the most interesting and thrilling activity to be done to make your Valentine day a romantic one. Heading towards the summit together is the most romantic activity with a lot of adventures. Here is the brief introduction of some of the popular climbs that can be done during your valentine day.

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      Brief Information about Top Ten Climbing Peaks in Nepal on your Valentine Weekend

      • Mera Peak Climbing

      Mera Peak (6,476m) is officially the highest trekking and climbing peak in Nepal. It is located in the Himalayas of Eastern Nepal at the Khumbu Region. It contains three main summits; Mera North (6,476m), Mera Central (6,461m) and Mera South (6,065m). Climbing this peak offers you a panorama of the superb mountains of the Everest region.

      This is a dream destination of many mountaineers. Climbing Mera Peak is an ideal peak because it offers everything that the Himalayas have to offer. This is the best trek to anyone: from the beginners to the expert climbers. However, some basic mountaineering skills, technical climbing accessories and physical fitness are the most essential skills you must have.

      Mera Peak Summit [6,476 m]

      • Island Peak Climbing

      Island Peak Climbing is the most popular choice of climbers. This is better known as Imja Tse. It lies close east to the Everest Base camp trekking trail. This climbing peak offers standard climbing route. It has very little technical aspects. Therefore, it is not a difficult undertaking for the beginners as well. It is more than simply trekking in Nepal. The summit view of Island peak is exhilarating. This is the most panoramic mountain because it is just an island in a sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche.

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      island peak climbing

      • Lobuche Peak Climbing

      Lobuche is also a popular trekking peak in Nepal which lies close to Khumbu Glacier and the most pristine Himalayan village of Lobuche. Lobuche East is popular choice than Lobuche West because it is an easier trekking peak and it has been climbed far more frequently than the Lobuche west peak. This climbing peak is more rewarding than Island Peak. Actually Lobuche Peak Climbing is best for the novice climbers.  Everest’s southwest face, Lhotse and Makalu stand across the distance.

      Lobuche Peak Summit 6119m

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      • Mera and Island: Two Peaks Climbing

      Mera and Island Peak climbing make a perfect combination of Himalayan adventure in Nepal. Popularly known as two peaks climbing, this trekking offers you the chance to visit one of the most remote valleys in the Himalayas. Mera Peak is 6,476m and Island Peak is 6,189m high above the sea level. Mera and Island: Two Peaks are comparatively closer to each other. The main highlight of this trek is Amphu Labsta Pass (5,780m).

      Although, Mera Peak slightly higher than Island Peak, Mera Peak is technically a straight forward peak. This trekking highlights the highest trekking peak of Nepal: Mera Peak, less-visited: Hinku Valley less inhibited: Barun Valley. Similarly, thousands of stunning peaks, Amphu Labsta Pass, Imja Valley, Namche Bazaar etc increase the glory of Nepal.

      Mera and Island Two Peak

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      • Mera, Island and Lobuche: Three Peaks Climbing

      Mera, Island and Lobuche are the most recognized three peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal. This adventurous trip is the perfect package to gain life experience.  The single itinerary that includes Mera Peak 6476m, Island Peak 6189m and Lobuche 6 119m peak is the most classic trek over the Khumbu Valley. The journey is physically demanding and technically challenging.

      The trek includes picturesque villages, remote trails, glaciated terrains and steep cross over. Island Peak is more technical in comparison to Mera Peak and Lobuche East is considered the toughest among the three peaks.  The snowy slopes, icy rock slabs, glaciers and crevasses etc. make the journey is fully thrilling.

      Mera Island & Lobuche Peak Climbing - Peak Climbing Nepal

      Mera is the most popular classic trek whereas Hinku Valley is the least explored area in the Eastern Himalayas. The trek presents you a vivid panorama because you will be surrounded by awesome high peaks within its amazing landscapes. This trek is all about climbing Mera Peak and traversing Hinku Valley and its remote wilderness. This is one of the isolated regions of Khumbu. Hinku Valley preserves amazing traditional Buddhist culture of Sherpa.  Mera is a great classic alpine climb in the east of Khumbu at Hinku Valley. The joy of scaling the highest trekking peak of Nepal and exploring the culturally stimulating Hinku Valley is a complete turn in itself. 

        • Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing

        Kyajo Ri Peak (6186m) is significantly harder and physically and technically more demanding peak than other popular trekking peaks like Island Peak or Lobuche East. Kyajo Ri is the highest summit on the southern part of the Khumbu Himal ridge. Though it is beautiful as well as an amazing peak, it has got little attention. This peak is still beyond proper exploration.  The trek into the Base Camp is really very pleasant. Kyajo Ri is a difficult expedition with significant technical climbing at high altitude. Excellent physical condition and basic mountaineering skills are mandatory for approaching this peak climbing.

        View from Namche Bazaar (3440m/11283ft) of World Highest Mountain Everest (8848m)

        • Chulu Far East Peak Climbing

        Chulu Far East Peak (6,059m) is located inside the Annapurna Region in the Mid Western part of Nepal. It stands high above the Manang Valley. It is considered to be one of the easier peak climbing treks in Nepal.  It is often regarded as a part of Annapurna Circuit trek. This trek offers you the taste of everything that the Himalayas have to offer. This trek is straightforward and rewarding.

        The route is rock-strewn, icy and very much vertical. Crossing over the Thorong La Pass, Excursion to Muktinath, and exploring the Marsyangdi Valley highlight this trek. Since it is one of the easier climbs, it does not require previous climbing experience. Physical fitness plays a crucial role in your final ascends.  Climbing gears also bears some special meanings for your safety and security. 

        Chulu Far East Peak Climbing | Mt Annapurna IV

        • Nirekha Peak Climbing

        It is another most popular peak for beginners. Nirekha Peak (6,186m) is another fascinating peak located in the Khumbu Region. Its location on the Chain of Lobuche and just east of Cho La Pass mark the place of the ideal Himalayan Climb. This peak is a newly opened Himalayan peak of Nepal. This peak climbing requires some technical skills for mountain climbing. Experienced climbers are suggested to attempt this beautiful Himalayan Peak.

        The summit of this peak can be approached from either Kanchung Base camp or Lake Base Camp.  Kanchung Base Camp side to Cho La Col is comparatively easier because it has a few harmless crevasses. Most climbs are in snowy and icy trails. Despite the fact that a lot of acclimatization and climbing rehearsal are to be included in this adventure and excitement filled expedition. 

        • Mera Peak Amphu Lapcha La Pass

        Everest Region offers a number of mind-blowing trekking and climbing destinations. It is also the home of the tallest mountain peaks in the world. The most admirable Mera Peak is the popular choice. Mera peak has become a synonym of peak climbing. The highest trekking peak attracts anyone since it provides the finest Himalayan vistas. The journey to the Amphu Lapcha La Pass (5,245m) at the edge of the Khumbu region is the ultimate adventure.

        Mera peak climbing via Amphu Lapcha pass trekking is a most challenging pass climbing and trekking through the tranquil and untouched route to the Makalu trek region. It is suitable for those who seek the adventurous and challenging trekking trail in the tranquil and undamaged Himalayan region. It gives the experience of crossing high pass which requires the technical mountaineering knowledge, equipment and good physical condition. This trek provides you with the fullest varieties of landscapes, ethnicity, culture and more.

        Mera Peak Amphu Lapcha La Pass

        Other Popular Activities to be done during Valentine Day in Nepal

        Head for the Hill:

        There are no other big surprises than having a romantic trip. There are many popular options to refresh your mind and mood. It doesn’t take much time either. You can either go to Nagarkot or Godawari. Chandragiri Hill is also a popular choice these days is you don’t want to go beyond Kathmandu Valley. If you want to go outside Kathmandu Valley, Dhulikhel of Kavre, Bhedetar of Dhankuta, Sarangkot of Pokhara, etc.  are other popular options. These places offer excellent panorama. 

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        Candle Lit Dinner in Kathmandu:

        Have you ever thought that taking your beloved for a special dinner would be the best surprise ever? There are no other big surprises than a candlelit dinner. If you don’t have time to go here and there, yet you want to spend some quality time with your beloved, it will be a perfect plan. Having delicious food and celebrate your love is just a perfect idea.

        Paragliding in Pokhara:

        Pokhara is the most beautiful town in Nepal. It has so many enchanting places to amuse anyone who travels across. Pokhara is a perfect destination for many activities such as boating, sight-seeing, Paragliding, etc. Paragliding is a lifetime adventure. If you want to enjoy some adventure and excite your love, this is really a good idea.  Sarangkot is not only popular for paragliding; it also offers the best sunrise and sunset views. Moreover, it offers the best mountain views and the whole panorama of the Pokhara valley.

          Mustang Tour:

          Mustang is the most popular destination. It has the most amazing landscapes and natural vistas. Often referred to as The Land behind the Himalayas, Mustang gives you the taste of dessert. It is a romantic trip. You will have a lifetime experience of experiencing your valentine day in a local homestay at Saribung

          Stargazing from Swyambhu: 

          There are many activities to do on a Valentine day. However, everyone wants to celebrate it differently. Have you ever thought of celebrating your love under the open sky? Here, I mean to say, having a quality time with your love and amusing yourselves counting the stars of the sky will be a mind-blowing idea. Sitting atop Swyambhunath and observing the Night Kathmandu is incomparable. It will be a unique experience. 

          Forget the rest, go to Everest:

          If you still have some doubt about what to do on the Valentine day, I advise you to go to the Everest. Everest Region is the dream destination. Probably, you also have this dream. It is the right time to pursue your dream. It takes a little time and obviously it is not economical. Everest Region offers many trekking and climbing options. To be at the Everest Region is to witness heaven by your naked eyes. If you want to excite your love and add the charm, don’t hesitate, go to Everest.  

          If you want other information regarding the climbs mentioned above, please visit our website.

          Happy Valentine Day - Love Day
          Happy Valentine Day – Love Day