Easiest and Cheapest 8000m Peak to Climb in Nepal

30 Jun 2022 Peak Climbing Nepal

Easiest and Cheapest 8000m Peak to Climb in Nepal

Nepal is known for its incredible Himalayan mountains that tower above 8000m. The beautiful snow-capped peaks of the region offer climbers the best of adventure. There are astonishing peak climbing routes passing through the rugged natural terrains.

These mountain peak climbing journeys are challenging as they lie at an altitude of above 8000m. The oxygen levels and air pressure remains minimal. Besides that, there are various other challenges including gale force winds, snow storms and other unpredictable weather at such altitude.

But what is the easiest and cheapest peak to climb in Nepal? You might wonder. This article provides you with complete details about some mountain peaks that are easiest and cheapest to climb. Read on for further details about these once in a lifetime mountaineering experiences.

Easiest 8000m Peak to Climb in Nepal

Manaslu Expedition

How long does it take to climb Mount Manaslu

Manaslu is the easiest and most accessible 8000m peak that you can climb in Nepal. Manaslu expedition is graded at 4E in difficulty which is among the lowest when it comes to 8000 peaks. You will find long, steep snow and ice slopes on your way that you will have to traverse through to arrive at the top. However, these steep ice steps are relatively short.

Besides that, you will also do some low-grade rock climbing during this peak climbing of Mount Manaslu. After arriving at the base camp, you will spend around 35 days going up and down through the various camps. You will pass through the steep snowy ice trails and climb across a steep uphill to reach Mount Manaslu’s summit.

Climbers must have good technical climbing ability in any 8000m climb which also applies for Mount Manaslu. In terms of fitness, hard physical effort gets required for the expedition. A proper training regime that includes all the basic as well as technical activities is also essential.

Manaslu Expedition takes around 44 days, through rugged conditions and the extreme weather. In case of challenging weather, you will rely on contingency days that will be set by the team leaders. Acclimatization is a must along with proper measures to adapt your body to the high altitude. You will also need to increase your calorie intake and hydrate regularly. Overall, the Manaslu Expedition is the easiest 8000m peak that you can climb in Nepal.

Everest Expedition

Everest climbing in fall season

Mt. Everest (8,848.86m) is the highest mountain in the world. You will pass through incredible challenging routes to arrive at the top of the summit. Mount Everest expedition is also rated as 4E in the alpine climbing difficulty level. The highest mountain in the world is generally considered among the easiest to climb in the 8000m group.

However, you will still face various difficulties along the trails, including altitude sickness and extreme temperatures. This altitude sickness can get quite severe if not treated in time and can lead to High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE).

The Khumbu icefall is one of the significant difficulties of the Mount Everest expedition. There are the requirements for use of technical gear and equipment like crampons, ascenders, jumars, carabiners, fixed ropes, belay devices, and others.

You can find crevasses opening and avalanches in the journey to the top of Mount Everest. The Sherpa guides will help you set up fixed ropes along with ladders. After traveling up and down through various camps at different altitudes, you will arrive at the top of Mount Everest in around 66 days.

Annapurna Expedition

Annapurna Trek porrter and guide

Annapurna Expedition is considered one of the toughest mountains to climb. The difficulty level of Mt. Annapurna is relatively high compared to other 8000m climbs in Nepal. Various sections of the climb are generally considered more difficult than K2 and Everest.

The mountain also has a 40% fatality rate, which is the highest among the 8000m peaks. High Gayle force winds at the summit make the journey quite challenging. The expedition’s journey takes you through the rugged terrains as the route remains covered in snow throughout the year.

You must cross many seracs, sharp ridges, crevasses, and others to reach the top of Mount Annapurna. Falling on big ice and boulders is another challenge of the climb whereas avalanches are pretty common. Hence, these difficulty factors can cause fatality among climbers in the region.

Annapurna range remains secluded, so it’s quite tough to get emergency and evacuation facilities. The extreme altitude requires excellent preparation and training before the climb. You will lose weight during the expedition; hence, you will need a heavy calorie intake. There are strenuous climbing sections which require the help of Sherpa guides. Overall, the Annapurna Expedition is a challenging journey in Nepal.

Makalu Expedition

On Summitting Makalu

The Makalu Expedition is among the most challenging mountain climbing adventures. Makalu is one of the most complex routed mountains. The difficult 8000m mountain has many steep pitches and knife-edged ridges. The beautiful climb to the final summit requires trekkers to be technically skilled in rock/ice climbing.

From the base camp, the trek route gets easy for 2 hours, and then it gets pretty challenging for the next 3 hrs through snow and rocks. In this climb, you will have to pass through the 25-30 degrees ice wall slope and then climb through the ice crevasse.

The climbers need to have proper gear and equipment for this difficult expedition. It also requires rope fixing by the Sherpa guides to cross these crevasses. Overall, the Makalu expedition is widely considered as the most difficult mountain to climb in Nepal.

Cheapest 8000m Peak to Climb in Nepal

Expedition Package Cost (Per Person)
Manaslu Expedition US $ 11500
Annapurna Expedition US $ 15500
Makalu Expedition US $ 21500
Everest Expedition US $ 39999

Mountaineering and peak climbing adventures in Nepal require proper training and preparation. There are various safety measures and protocols that need to be in place to complete the journey. Therefore, the cost of peak climbing adventures is relatively high.

The peak climbing packages include climbing permits, Sherpa guide, porter costs, gear and equipment costs, transportation costs, meal and accommodation costs, insurance costs, supplementary oxygen, and other costs. Besides that, you should also include various additional personal costs.

The climbing permits differ according to the mountains’ elevation and difficulty. The Sherpa guides will stay with you every step of the way. They provide you with the best safety measures and comfortable journey to the summit. They will help you in building tents and fixing up ropes and ladders.

They will also help you keep in check and help you tackle altitude sickness, frostbite, cramps, and other injuries. If necessary, they will help you descend along the trail and evacuate you. The gear and equipment are also necessary for the climbing adventure. They must be of high quality, as you should not compromise in any aspect along the trail. The transportation cost will include the travel cost to the trek’s destination.

Moreover, travel insurance costs will also cover various aspects like injuries, sickness, altitude sickness, accidents, loss, theft, and property damage. Supplementary oxygen is also a must in the high altitude elevation climb as there is minimal oxygen and air pressure. Finally, the meal and accommodation costs during your stay in the high-altitude peak climbing adventure are also included in the package.

Manaslu Expedition is the cheapest 8000m peak that you can climb in Nepal. This peak climbing adventure takes around 44 days to complete the expedition. The total package for the Manaslu Expedition is around US $ 11500 per person.

The next cheapest 8000m you can climb in Nepal is the Annapurna Expedition. The total package cost for the climb is around US $ 15500 per person. The total days in the itinerary of this expedition is around 54 days.

The Makalu expedition is next on the list of the cheapest 8000m peaks in Nepal. There are 51 days required to complete the Makalu expedition. The total package for the Makalu expedition is US $ 21500 per person.

Finally, the Everest expedition is the most expensive of the mountain peak climbing adventures. There are 66 days of itinerary in this expedition to the tallest mountain peak in the world. The total package cost for the Everest expedition is US $ 39999 per person.

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