Is Lhotse Easier Or Harder Than Everest?

21 Jul 2023 Prakash Devkota

Is Lhotse Easier Or Harder Than Everest?

Lhotse has very often been compared to Mount Everest. Both these mountains are located in Nepal and are some of the tallest mountains in the world. The routes taken to climb both the mountains are almost the same as you can make the expedition of both Lhotse and Mount Everest at the same time. But, what makes your summit to both of these mountains so difficult is that both these mountains are above the height of 8000 meters, and it is almost impossible to reach the top one after another. Yet, there have been few successful attempts from mountaineers who have succeeded in climbing both Lhotse and Everest.

One of the curiosity remains fresh in the minds of many, is Lhotse easier or harder than Everest? Well, the answer is not so simple, but since Everest is taller at a height of 8848m in comparison to Lhotse, which stands at a height of 8516m, the former is a bit tougher to expedite in comparison to the latter. Whatsoever, it would be completely wrong for a person to undermine the recklessness and cruelty of Lhotse as you ascend higher to the peak. While in comparison to Everest, it may take a little shorter while to climb the mountain, but the rocky and icy faces of the mountains and the steeper make of Lhotse can prove to be very difficult for a climb, and if we are being real, even fatal if one is not careful or prepared enough.

If you want to know more about Lhotse and whether Lhotse is easier or harder than Everest, stay tuned with us till the end of this article!

Climbing Lhotse and Mount Everest


Climbing both the mountains can be extremely challenging, even for the most experienced mountain climber. Moreover, if you are looking to climb both mountains at the same time, it is quite possible!

When you want to go to Lhotse, you can simply go to Camp III, and proceed to summit Lhotse from Lhotse Camp IV itself. However, if you want to climb both peaks, you should consider climbing Mount Everest first. Then, you should descend down to Camp IV, then continue to trek towards Lhotse Camp IV. You are likely to summit Lhotse the next day!

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Is Lhotse easier or harder than Everest?

Mount Lhotse Climbing Experience

It wouldnt really be right to say that Lhotse is easier or harder than Everest. However, considering the distance and the hardships, it can be said that Lhotse is easier to climb in comparison to Everest, if not just easy to climb. When we come to think about the trails that we are to take when climbing Mount Lhotse, then it wouldn’t seem easy at all. In fact, the rocky trails are challenging and so is the difficulty in human respiration as you climb to the higher

Altitude. Mount Lhotse is the fourth highest peak in the world, hence, the Tibetan mountain has proven to be fatal to many mountaineers throughout the years. Furthermore, it has the death rate of 2.57%. On the other hand, the death rate in Everest is 6.2% since the year 1993.

Besides the hardships in climbing either of the mountains, mountaineers tend to prefer ascending to Mount Everest more due to it’s popularity which is also a reason why there are comparatively fewer number of mountaineers attempting to climb Mount Lhotse. But, Lhotse has many mountaineers over to summit it’s peak every year.

Many experienced mountaineers have claimed that climbing Everest is almost equivalent to climbing Lhotse. Both the mountains also share a similar route through the Geneva Spur. It is amazing how summiteers can even get a beautiful view of Mount Everest from Lhotse itself. The mountains are much closer to one another than you may think. And, going through the South Col first will lead you to Mount Everest while going right from Camp III will take you to Mount Lhotse. If one is skilled enough, he can expedite to both the mountains in the matter of just some additional few days.

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Rewards of Lhotse Vs. Everest

, Czech mountaineer Martin Jachym and Indian-Singaporean mountaineer Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya successfully scaled Everest summit

Climbing Lhotse and Everest both has it’s upsides and downsides. But, focusing, firstly, on the upside, one can get a beautiful view of Mount Everest even after summiting Lhotse. And, here is where you get the best of both worlds without putting in the work for two things. Moreover, when you reach the peak, or somewhere in the higher points of Lhotse, you can see travellers trying to summit or even put their tents up with the lights on, on their way to the top of the Everest. The Everest climb is tougher, and it is likely to be more crowded there than in Lhotse.

Hence, when you are summiting Lhotse, you will be around much peace and quiet with lesser number of mountaineers climbing to the peak. Chances are, you will only be companionated by your guide, Sherpas, and the crunch of snow and ice from your boots when you’re at Lhotse.

On the other hand, when you climb Everest, you are literally on the top of the world. Hence, what more do you need to be a fulfilled human on Earth after this? The view from the peak of Everest is breath taking, and when you are on the top of the world, you feel the same too! But the ascend is tougher. As sweet as the reward is, the bitter is the time and efforts it takes you to reach the top. The journey will be made difficult with the ruthless nature of the mountains, change in altitude and a very steep and hazardous path.

However, when you choose to trek to both the mountains, you are more than likely to get both best and worse parts of the mountains!

Is Lhotse part of Everest?

Is Lhotse part of Everest

While Lhotse and Everest are completely different mountains, they have been considered a conjoint part of each other at many times. This is mostly because of the same routes it takes to go to either of the two mountains. When you head to the south of Mount Everest, you will reach Lhotse which joins a ridge at a height of about 25,000 feet (7,600 metres). Lhotse, being the shorter mountain among the two, has in many instances, been called a part of Everest.

What is the Lhotse face on Everest?

What is the Lhotse face on Everest

Lhotse face is blue glacial face lying in the western part of Lhotse. If you are looking to go up the South Col, you also have to climb up to 1,125 m (3,690 ft) of the Lhotse face. This face bulges sometimes at 80 degrees and rises at 40 and 50 degree pitches.

Do not underestimate the Lhotse face though. In May 19, 2016, high altitude mountain worker, Ang Furba Sherpa succumbed to the face after falling head first from the place. Guides and porters will help you successfully climb through the Lhotse face with extra caution. Ropes will be tied to the ice walls. Though the success and failure of your climb heavily depends on how ready and careful you are at the time, proper foot placements, and perfect rhythm with a strong and proper setting of rope will help you to a great extent.

What else is going to create difficulty for you along the way are the Yellow Band and the Geneva Spur. These parts of the icy road will be interruptive of your ascent. Yet, the aforementioned guidelines will surely help you to a great extent.

Which mountain should you climb first, Everest or Lhotse?

Which mountain should you climb first, Everest or Lhotse

This is one of the most common questions among anyone who wants to climb both first and fourth highest mountains in the world. The answer to this is, you can climb Everest most preferably before you climb Lhotse. When you climb mount Everest primarily, you tend to use a lot of your energy and time in doing so. It takes you longer to reach the summit of Everest and roads are a tad bit more difficult in here. When you reach a division towards Everest and Lhotse, move towards the South Col. From here, you will be heading to the tallest peak in the world. After being habituated to the tough weather conditions and the higher altitude, it may be much easier for you to descend down and climb another mountain that is a little more convenient or even easier to climb.

After being used to the conditions of Everest, your climb to Lhotse can be done with ease and steadiness. Once you are down to the Camp III, you can head towards Lhotse Camp IV and ascend yet again to another tallest mountain in the world. On an average, a mountain climber is likely to reach the summit of Mount Lhotse in the matter of a day after he descends from Mount Everest.

How far is Lhotse from Everest?

How far is Lhotse from Everest

Lhotse and Everest falls at a distance of 1.8 mi from one another. It takes you up to a day in order to reach Lhotse from Mount Everest.

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