Is Manaslu Harder than Everest?

24 Jul 2022 Peak Climbing Nepal

Is Manaslu Harder than Everest?

Manaslu and Everest are two beautiful eight-thousander peaks of Nepal that fall under the top ten highest mountains in the world. Climbing these almighty are dreams of several climbers, so a frequent question in their minds is: Is Manaslu Harder than Everest?

Many have summited these almighty mountains and have their opinion on which is more complex than the other. But after several research and findings, we came to the conclusion that it’s no doubt climbing Everest is Harder than Manaslu.

Both expeditions are mesmerizing and exciting in their own way, giving unforgettable memories to the climbers. However, they both are similar as well as dissimilar at the same time.

Everest lies at 8849 m above sea level, while Manaslu lies at 8163 m above sea level. Summiting Manaslu is a great way to train for Everest Climbing. You get to know how your body reacts during the 8000 m ascent.

In Manaslu, the climb from Camp I to Camp IV is more challenging compared to Everest. But the ascend to the top is much easier and shorter. However, the Manaslu Expedition has no attributes like Everest’s Hillary Step.

As for Everest, the travel between base camp to camp IV is a bit demanding and adventurous. However, the path above Camp IV to the summit is more challenging and requires you to be careful as it’s the infamous Rainbow Valley Everest.

The point between Camp IV and the summit is the death zone of Everest. The oxygen pressure is insufficient between these points, so don’t take off your supplementary tank and keep yourself on your toes.

Both the peaks lie above 8000 m, so the risk of altitude sickness is also high during the trek. Thus, train yourself to be physiologically and psychologically prepared before the expedition.

Their trails lead you through beautiful forest paths, stone carved houses, traditional lifestyle, delicious staple food, warm hospitality, friendly people, cascading waterfall, and many more.

To learn about each expedition in more detail, keep reading below:

About Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition offers the utmost mountaineering adventure to every climber that holds the strength to walk its trails. It is a rewarding experience to stand at the pinnacle of the earth’s tallest mountain. Thus, reaching the summit requires high determination and dedication.

Located on the Southeast side of the Mahalangur Himal sub-range, the almighty Mount Everest stands tall at 8848.86 m above sea level. Its summit point acts as the China-Nepal border.

The magnificent mountain attracts mountaineers, including highly experienced ones from around the globe. The mountain has two bases, but you follow the standard route in Nepal’s southeast.

Several attempts were made to summit the beast, but none were able before 1953. That year, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary made history by being the first humans to reach the top and return via the southeast ridge.

The Everest trails offer two climbing paths to approach the summit: southeast ridge and north ridge. The Chinese mountaineering team made the first ascent to the peak from the north ridge on May 25, 1960.

After the successful summit, many have walked in the footsteps and fulfilled their dream of climbing Mount Everest. Some have while some haven’t, but it’s a story for another day.

Overall, Completing Everest Expedition is celebrated glory in the mountaineering world.

everest expedition

What makes the Everest Expedition experience so memorable?

Everest Expedition traverses through various landscapes and lets you explore the Sherpa culture and tradition.

Landing at Lukla

The walking trip begins by landing at Lukla, the entrance to the Everest Region. Lukla is a beautiful town famous for its short and narrow airstrip. Many travelers have their breakfast here and head to Phakding for the night. Phakding usually is the first stop for Everest visitors as it lies at a lower altitude.

Stay at Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar is the hub of the Everest region as it is the central trading point of the Khumbu region. It has numerous lodges, stores, small cafes, bakeries, internet cafes, and western restaurants.

The beauty of the Himalayas on the backdrop will add extravagance to your stay. The village also holds a weekly market on Saturday morning, so if you happen to be here at that time, do visit.

Traverse through Sagarmatha National Park

Sagarmatha National Park conserves the forests, wildlife, and cultural resources of the Khumbu district. It hosts Dudh Koshi River, Gokyo Lakes, rugged terrains, gorges, white peaks, colorful flora, rare faunas, and more.

To climb Everest, you have to pass through Sagarmatha national park. So, carrying the entry permit to walk on its routes is necessary. While walking through the jungle, you see fir, rhododendron, Himalayan birch, lichens, musk deer, snowcock, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, and many more.

About Manaslu Expedition

Manaslu Expedition awards you with the most awaited, thrilling adventure of all time. It is the best preliminary training for Everest Expedition and an alternative to Cho Oyu Expedition.

Mount Manaslu is the world’s eighth highest peak, standing at 8163 m above sea level. This peak lies in the Mansiri Himal section in the west-central part of Nepal. The name Manaslu signifies “mountain of the spirit.”

It is also the hugest mountain in the Gorkha District and lies 64 km east of Mount Annapurna. Many tried summiting the peak, and on May 9, 1956, Gyalzen Norbu and Toshio Imanshi, the members of a Japanese expedition, became the first to climb it.

Reaching the summit is approachable from all directions due to its long ridges and valley glaciers. The mountain lies inside the Manaslu conservation area and is a part of it.

The routes are also opened for trekkers to make the 177 km circuit along the Manaslu massif. The 44 days Manaslu Expedition is an opportunity to grab due to the remote trials, cultural villages, and exhilarating scenarios.

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

What makes the Manaslu Expedition experience so memorable?

Walk along the ancient salt-trading route.

Manaslu expedition is genuinely unique as you get to walk along the ancient salt-trading route that used to run between Tibet and Nepal. Decades before, people traded salt from Tibet and rice from Nepal via that path.

However, the trail remains closed to this date and nowadays has become a trek route for visitors. The way is part of the Great Himalayan Trail and follows the narrow-sided Budhi Gandaki River.

Short Hikes during acclimatization

Acclimatization is a must during long trips to high altitudes. So, during this time, you will go on short hikes to nearby villages or hill stations. On the Manaslu expedition, you visit the Pung Gyan Gumba and Bhimtang Lake during the rest day.

Pung Gyan Gumba is a religious landmark that overlooks the eastern face of Manaslu. Similarly, Bhimtang is a bowled lake on the lap of the Himalayas surrounded by beautiful peaks.

Scenic Views

Manaslu Expedition passes through the Manaslu Conservation area, protecting different sweeping landscapes, beautiful mountains, religious villages, and colorful forests.

Walking on these routes lets you see scenic views of steppe grasslands, terminal moraines, colorful wildflowers, radiant rock hills, and many more. Also, do not forget to carry your permit as it’s necessary to enter the conservation area.

Explore the Local Culture and Tradition

The Himalayan people are amicable and welcoming. You will be delighted with their warm hospitality and helpful nature. While on this trail, you get to understand their lifestyle and values closely.

Most of the people living here follow Tibetan culture, while some do follow the Hindu religion as well.

Why Choose One Over the Other?

Manaslu Expedition is less crowded even during peak season compared to the busy trails of the Everest Expedition. It is best suited for visitors who love to explore nature with few social interactions. The peak is also a training ground for expeditioners looking forward to climbing Everest.

Likewise, Everest Expedition might be more crowded, but it offers better accommodation., more amenities, and a variety of cuisine. There is also a vantage point (Kala Patthar) to view the entire Mount Everest. The best thing about this trip is you can boast about reaching the world’s top.


    Overall, Manaslu and Everest have their benefits and disadvantages, but they are both thrilling in their own way. We hope our article answered your question about “Is Manaslu Harder than Everest.”

    Both mountains have their ups and downs, but in comparison to hardness Everest wins over Manaslu due to its narrow trails.