Island Peak Climbing Cost

23 Mar 2020 Peak Climbing Nepal

Island Peak Climbing Cost

Island Peak(6,198m), also popular as Imja Tse, lies in the neighborhood of Mt Everest(8,848) itself. It is one of the famous peaks for climbing in Nepal, all thanks to its scenic views and adventurous trails. The overall Island Peak climbing cost also makes this peak the most chosen mountain for climbing. It is very economical as compared to other similar peaks of Nepal.

Imja Tse i.e., Island Peak, will offer you the best trekking and mountaineering experience, once in a while, or maybe a lifetime. Resting in the center of two towering peaks, Mt Ama Dablam(6,812m) and Mt Lhotse(8,156m), provides a beautiful view of the most fabulous Everest region.

Island peak climbing is for both with slight or no experience in mountain climbing. If you have a lot of high altitude trekking experiences till now, you should level up here by joining this Island expedition. It’s more of a trekking peak than a climbing peak, perfect for the climbing beginners. The Island Peak difficulty level is bearable with fixed strength and commitment.

If you have strong fitness, you are halfway ready for this adventure. The prior preparation and climbing training will make you 100% prepared to ascend down Island Peak. And, if you are an experienced climber, then it’s a relaxing cup of tea for you. You’ll measure a sky-kissing height of 6,198m with your feet at the summit. Upon your climb of Island Peak, you’ll touch the sky, and your sense of achievement and success will break the clouds of your limits and comfort zone.

Island Peak climbing journey will come across the route of famous Everest Base Camp Trek. And from halfway, the Island peak trail will separate from the EBC route until the return trek. This 15-day long tour will start and end here at Kathmandu, after fulfilling your long-standing mountain desires.

Peak Climbing Nepal has designed the itinerary in a way that your safety, enjoyment, adventure, experience are all locked safely inside the box of Island Peak Climbing package. The well-loaded box of Island Peak Climbing package will cost you only US$ 1855, come and grab a key of this box from us.

The further headings of this article will revolve around the answers to the Island Peak Climbing cost. Read this full article to know every detail about the cost of Island Peak, Imja Tse expedition:

Total Island Peak Climbing Cost

If Island Peak is your next adventure, we have this package in just US$1885. However, this cost can increase if you choose to add some luxury to your tour. Our Island Peak Climbing package includes the basic Food and Accommodation facilities. We can modify the package as per your choice by adding rich food and lodging. The more comfort and quality you want, the more you have to pay.

Well, you may have the query about what is included in the US$1885 Island Peak Climbing Package, and what is not? Check the details below:

What is Included?

  • Hotel Transfers both during the arrival and departure
  • Three-night stays at Kathmandu along with Bed and Breakfast(BB) Plan
  • One-day full sightseeing of Kathmandu city with a guide, all the entrance fees, and vehicle cost.
  • Kathmandu to Lukla and vice versa flight
  • All the cost of vehicle transportation
  • Permit for climbing Island Peak
  • All of the Trekking and Entry permits
  • Accommodation cost of both during Trekking and Climbing
  • Meals cost of during both trekking and climbing
  • Trekking and Climbing guide charge
  • Porters charge
  • Required climbing gears
  • Kitchen and camping equipment for the climbing
  • Basic First Aid Kits
  • Salary, Clothing and Insurance for staffs
  • Arrival Dinner and Farewell dinner
  • Required Government taxes and paperwork

What is not Included?

  • Personal travel insurance
  • Personal climbing equipment
  • Alcohol drinks
  • Tips and donations
  • Personal expenses

Factors affecting Island Peak Climbing Cost

Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek

The price of Island Peak climbing depends upon some factors. It’s all your choices and preferences that determine the overall cost of this expedition. From tiny socks to the accommodation you’ll choose, they all will drive your total expense during this adventure. So, let’s look at some factors that will alter your expenditure during Island peak climbing:

  • The way you want to travel to the base camp of Island Peak i.e. Trekking or Helicopter Trek
  • The total duration of Island Peak expedition i.e. there are multiple itineraries of 10 to 22 days long
  • The number of entry permits and summit permits changes with the route you take
  • The way you want to accommodate yourself throughout the journey i.e. Type of accommodations
  • The way you want to feed yourself throughout the expedition i.e. Type of foods and drinks
  • The cost of camping and tents
  • The number of guides, porters, and other staffs you will hire on this expedition
  • The list of equipment gears you need
  • Other miscellaneous expenses like tips, donation, and personal expenses

After knowing the main factors that affect the sum cost of the climb, now you can figure your total cost of this journey and how to minimize the cost.

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Breakdown of Island peak Climbing Cost

Now, we will try to break down the factors and costs that will affect your total cost of the Island Peak expedition. The following heading will also describe you, what are the prices and by how much they affect the overall budget of Island Peak journey:

Cost of Flight and Transportation

The first thing first, you will start the Island Peak journey with either the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla or the bus ride from Kathmandu to Jiri. This way, you will either start this expedition trek from either Lukla or Jiri. Most of the people book a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu and start the trek from Lukla. Whereas, some of the adventurers choose the longer Jiri route to prepare themselves before the ascent.

The Kathmandu to Lukla flight costs near USD180, which is a 45-minute thrilling plane ride. The later bus-ride from Kathmandu to Jiri will cost you around 5 to 7 USD. So, it’s your choice where to start from.

Cost of Permits

To set up Island Peak climb, most importantly you need an Island peak climbing permit fee. Without this permit, you cannot enter the Island peak area. The cost of an Island peak climbing permit is different in each season. The cost is high during peak seasons like Spring and Autumn and lowers during the Monsoon and Winter season.

Spring is the most favorable for this or any ascent, that’s why permit costs around US$ 250 per pax. Similarly, you have to pay US$125 during the Autumn months. And if you are here for the climb in Monsoon and Winter season, it’s only US$ 70 per pax for the climbing permit.

Other than this, mountaineers need to get the Local Area Permit to enter the Khumbu region. This permit costs only US$ 20 per pax which is the same all year round. You’ll obtain this permit at Lukla, the gateway of Mt. Everest and Island Peak.

Cost of Accommodation

While in Kathmandu, you will spend overnight at quality and sound hotels. There are a number of hotels and lodges providing good accommodation services. They can charge anywhere around US$15 to US$250 for one night. It’s your choice where to spend the night, either in a multi-star hotel or a basic lodge.

On your way to Island Peak, you’ll find enough teahouses and lodges to pass the night. The local tea houses can charge around US$2 to US$6 per night. You can also find some high standards of accommodation as well, they will cost even higher.

Once you reach the base camp of Island peak, your shelter will be the tent just under the sky. The cost of the tent is inclusive to the Island Peak climbing package. You’ll be provided with tent service and manpower too.

Cost of Foods and Drinks

Island Peak Climbing Cost

Your food expenses will start with your arrival at Kathmandu. There you can have any dishes you like, lots of hotels and restaurants providing good food. Your food cost in Kathmandu will be anywhere around US$2 to US$30, depending on where and what are you eating.

As you will head forward in the journey, your food options will be limited. The teahouses and lodges of the Everest region serve limited cuisine. Traditional Dal-Bhat Set is the most popular food in any of the Nepal adventures. Besides Dal-Bhat, you can get other Chinese and Indian recipes as well. Momo, Noodles, Fried rice are the other food items you will get on this trip. You’ll also find some good bakeries and coffee shops too. The teahouses charge US$2- US$6 for the food and drink items.

From the Island Peak base camp, all of the food recipes will be made by our team members. All of the wages to these team members will be covered by the package cost of Island Peak Climbing. S/he will prepare food for you and your team.

Cost for Guides or Porters

Island Peak climbing is a tough climb; you cannot ascend on your own. Thus, you’ll be sent with an experienced team of guide, porter, assistant guide, and mountain- ring guide. Having an experienced team is always one step ahead of difficult situations.

These individuals demand good money for their service. And, the wages of these workforce increases your overall package cost, as they will be paid from your package cost. But don’t think twice about the price, these people will come very handy during the whole ascent. You’ll be glad about having the guide and porters behind you for the help. The trekking company employs these members.

The trekking guide charges around 25 US$ per day for their quality service. The expert guide will make your trip enjoyable, as you don’t have to worry about the routes, foods, and accommodations.

Similarly, the porter demands around 15 US$ per day for carrying a load of around 25kgs. Porters are a must for challenging treks or climbs, as they will make your walk easier by taking your heavy bag.

And, the mountaineering guide charges a cost of 325USD for one full climbing guide. Having an experienced climbing guide will make your every next step safer.

Cost of Equipment and Gears

Island peak climbing with everest base camp trek

For any adventurous outing, you need some gears and equipment. Island Peak is one of the most demanding expeditions. It doesn’t only demand fitness but also the right gear and equipment. If you have the correct gears inside your backpack, then it’s good but if not, go and grab the gears right now. Buying the gears before climb the tour date gives the extra time to recheck the equipment list.

Island Peak climbing is a peak ascent; it will involve some serious mountain climbing. To climb any peak, you need to have enough mountaineering gears. So, along with standard trekking gears, you must possess climbing gears for this Island Peak adventure.

Buying mountaineering gears increases the overall Island Peak Climbing cost. Here is the list of equipment required for this climb and their round prices:

  • Abseil Belay device: 8 to 36US$
  • Accessory Cord: 5 to 10US$ per meter
  • Ascender and Leash: 25 to 70US$
  • Climbing Harness: 50 to 60US$
  • Climbing Helmet: 40 to 200US$
  • Crampons: 8 to 15US$
  • Glacier Sunglasses plus shields: 50 to 65US$
  • Ice Axe: 80 to 150US$
  • Locking Carabiners: 8 to 12US$
  • Oximeter: 14 to 22US$
  • Ski Goggles: 80 to 150US$
  • Trekking Poles: 20 to 60US$

The costs of the above equipment can vary as per the brand and quality you pick. There are many shops around Kathmandu city trading mountaineering equipment. Alternatively, you can also get climbing equipment and gears on rent from the gear renting shops of Kathmandu. You need to pay 1 to 10USD per day for each of the rented gears.

Extra costs

The above-talked costs are the most basic ones; you cannot embark on this expedition without incurring them. However, there are also some possible cost heads as well besides the basic ones. Costs like Climbing training cost, Travel Insurance, Tips, and Donations can be your extra costs. These expenses are your choice, as it is not necessary to incur them. Some of the possible additional costs are as below:

Mountaineering Training expenses

To become the master of mountain climbing is not a work of a few days. You need regular training and past climbing experience to excel in this skill. The more you climb the mountains, the more your skills will develop.

If Island peak is your first climb, you will require some good mountaineering coaching. The training will guide you to learn the necessary mountaineering skills. Basic skills like using ice axes, crampons, adjusting ropes, and locking carabiners. Plus, you will also get used to high altitude climbing. You’ll be trained on how to deal with the altitude sickness and how to lower it. This prior training will make Island Peak expedition easy homework.

The training duration can last any length from 30 to 40 days. These training are available in Nepal operated by the mountaineering agencies for the local as well as international mountain climbing learners.

The fee of climbing training is different to student’s regionality i.e. for locals it is only NRS10,000 to 15,000, for SAARC regionals, it is US$2250, and for Non-SAARC regionals, it’s US$3000. Non-SAARC countries are the countries other than Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Srilanka.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is a must thing to obtain if you are traveling to a new place. You cannot know what the new country has to offer you. Sometimes while traveling you can get caught by unexpected situations. In such time, travel insurance comes handy as it covers all the costs and consequences of travel chaos.

And if you are opting for the Himalayas, it’s better to have travel insurance. The Himalayas means higher altitude and this Island Peak expedition will take you to a height of over 6,000m.

Altitude sickness is possible and a major problem for any steeper altitude climb or trekking. You may get caught by the altitude sickness and you’ll require an emergency helicopter rescue. Also, the Island peak trails are too rugged and snowy, which can cause some severe injuries. Here, your travel insurance will cover all the costs of your rescues and injuries.

You’ll not find any travel insurance scheme here in Nepal. You have to get travel insurance locally from your home country or any other country. While buying an insurance plan, be sure that it covers the helicopter rescue up to 6000m altitude.

Tips and Donations

During the climb or upon its completion, you will think of giving the monetary tips to the guides, porters and other team members. You cannot help giving tips to these people after learning their effort and aid. Without them, this journey is more complicated. The tips are the showcase of your respect towards their performance and work. This expense is not included in the package cost of the Island Peak climbing cost. Hence, it will increase your overall cost of the expedition.

Essential Tips to Minimize the Island Peak Climbing Cost

  • You may need some extra things and items while trekking. So hold enough cash to pay for such expenses.
  • The last ATM counter will be at Lukla and there are no ATMs further, so it is suggested to carry enough cash for your further trip from Lukla.
  • While booking the Island Peak Climbing package, don’t forget to check all the Includes and Excludes of the package cost.
  • You can opt for basic accommodation and food services rather than higher Bed and Breakfast services. This way you will minimize some reasonable cost.
  • Trekking through the Jiri Route rather than the Lukla Flight route does cut out expensive flight costs.
  • Renting the trekking and mountaineering gears from Nepali Market does lower or delete the cost of equipment and gears.
  • Get appropriate travel insurance from a promising company. The cost of travel insurance varies with the companies, from US$125 to US$280. The right pick will lower your overall Island Peak Climbing cost.
  • Come for Island Peak climbing in the group. This way, the island peak climbing cost of all members will get divided and shared among them.
  • Island Peak climbing cost is much cheaper during the off-seasons like Winter and Monsoon. Hence, coming here in the off-season makes you incur less money.
  • Avoid extra and unnecessary expenses like drinking, smoking and unnecessary buying.
  • Learn some communication skills to bargain with local shop owners.

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At last

Island Peak climbing is once in a lifetime experience. The success of Island Peak ascent brings a flood of joy, happiness, and a sense of achievement. After, this summit is the start of many other mountain ascents of yours. Your effort, pain, endurance will overpower the difficulty of this peak. The island peak climbing cost is nothing in front of the sense and feeling of success and achievement. After the completion of this journey, all you’ll think of is its unforgettable moments, not the cost.

Come and join us on this adventurous journey to the top of Island Peak or Imja Tse(6,189m). We guarantee you the best service that anyone could provide here in Nepal.

We hope that this article may have helped you somehow to get adequate information about Island Peak climbing costs. For any more queries, customization, questions, and confusion, our team is always here to help you, Peak Climbing Nepal.