Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung

30 Jun 2020 Peak Climbing Nepal

Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung

Island Peak Climbing is one of the most popular peaks in the Everest Region of Nepal. The reason for Island Peak Climbing being one of the most popular peaks is because it is a short and easy peak to climb for beginners. Most beginners love to start their mountaineering journey with this beautiful peak.

If you are in Chhukung and are searching for an adventurous and spontaneous activity, Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung is the one for you. Island Peak stands tall at an altitude of 6189 meters in the middle of the Chhukung valley. It looks like an island situated in the middle of the glaciers giving it the name Island Peak.

Starting your Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung is a great deal as you can finish the climb in a short time of only 4 days. With beautiful views of the surrounding mountains like Everest, Lhotse, and Makalu, you get to please your eyes throughout the whole journey.

Being a non-technical short climb that can be completed in a single day, Island Peak is suitable for all beginners as well. This has made Island Peak an approachable peak in the region. You won’t be needing any kind of training or prior experience for this peak as long as you are physically fit and mentally prepared.

So prepare yourself for an adventurous journey to summit the Island Peak from Chhukung.

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Highlights of the trip

  • Beautiful views of the glorious mountains including Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, etc.
  • Summit Island Peak from Chhukung at an altitude of 6189 meters.
  • Enjoy the magnificent views of the glaciers surrounding Island Peak

    About the Route

    The route of this 4 days long trip is really simple and easy. You start from the beautiful valley at Chhukung at an altitude of 4730 meters. Originally used as a yak pasture land, Chhukung has become a lodging valley for all the trekkers and mountaineers. With so many adventures to go on from here, it has become a great starting point.

    You can choose a lot of different routes to get to Chhukung. One of the best and simplest routes for you to get to Chhukung is through the famous Khumbu trekking trails. You can follow these trails and get to Chhukung. From Chhukung, you have a lot of options to go on your own adventure.

    For the Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung, you will start from the Chhukung Valley itself. After meeting the guide for the climb at Chhukung, you will prepare for the Island Peak Climbing expedition. You will head to the Island Peak Base Camp the very next day. The trek to the Island Peak Base Camp is an uphill climb through beautiful glaciers.

    The next day is an acclimatization day which is also reserved for bad weather. We shall summit the Island Peak the very next day. Starting with a short climb from the Base Camp to the High camp, we will finally summit the glorious Island Peak. You will descend to the base camp and head back to Chukung after the successful summit.

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    Best Time for Island Peak Climbing

    Island Peak Climbing is a great adventure for beginners who are looking to learn mountaineering. This experience is great for learning mountaineering skills and gaining experience. Like everything, there are certain times of the year when Island Peak Climbing is most favourable.

    Similar to many treks and mountaineering climbs, the season of Autumn and Spring is considered the best for Island Peak Climbing as well. Since you are starting from Chhukung, you can pretty much check the weather changes in the Island Peak for making decisions on when to make your climb.

    The Autumn and Spring season during the months of September to November and March to May respectively is a great choice. With clear skies and best views, these months enhance your Island Peak climbing experience. The favorable temperature and weather during these months contribute your climbing experience.

    With higher altitudes, one of the main concerns is the cold weather. These months provide you with a favorable temperature that does not hinder your climbing experience. As for the winter and summer season, the winter is too cold for you to attempt the climb, while the summer is mostly rainy which may cause safety hazards during the climb. Hence, you should stick to the best time for Island Peak climbing from Chhukung.

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    Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung Itinerary

    Day 1: Reach Chhukung and preparation day

    Maximum Altitude: 4750 m

    The first day of our Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung itinerary starts at Chhukung. You can get to Chhukung from a number of different routes. After arriving at Chhukung through the beautiful routes, you will meet up with our climbing guide.

    The first day of this Island Peak climbing itinerary is the preparation day. Today, the guide will tell you what the routes will be like and explain to you what the equipment is for and how to use them. S/he will prepare the climbing gears and equipment along with other preparations.

    You will have to manage the food and accommodations for the day yourself. You can then rest for the start of the climb tomorrow.

    Day 2: Trek from Chhukung to Island Peak Base camp

    Maximum Altitude: 5,200 m

    Trek Duration: 3 – 4 hours

    We shall start our trip officially today. Starting from the Chhukung valley, we will head towards the Base Camp today. From an altitude of 4750 meters, we shall head towards an altitude of 5200 meters at the Island Peak Base Camp.

    The trekking trails from Chhukung to Island Peak Base Camp are steep and rocky. On your way to the Island Peak Base Camp, you can see the beautiful glaciers. Passing through the Imja River to the Lhotse Glacier, you can explore the magnificent and mesmerizing views of the neighboring mountains along with the beautiful glaciers.

    The zigzag trails take you alongside the riverbed through interesting rocky terrain from where you can observe great views. Make sure to admire the view on the way as it will rejuvenate you with just a quick look. You will reach the Island Peak Base Camp from Chhukung in a 3-4 hours hike.

    Take your time with short breaks in between and mind your step as the rocky steps may be slippery in some parts. You will be spending the night at the base camp in tented camps. You will be provided with a kitchen crew and nutritious food.

    Day 3: Reserve day for bad weather or for acclimatization

    Today is an acclimatization day or a reserve day in case of bad weather. In higher altitudes, the weather can be kind of unpredictable so it is always better to be safe than sorry. You can monitor the weather while you acclimatize.

    Acclimatization is a must for high altitude treks and climbs. Letting your body adjust to the changing environment is a must for your safe journey. Acclimatizing is especially important today as you will be heading towards an altitude greater than 6000 meters tomorrow.

    If your body is not well adjusted to the changing environment, your body will start reacting to the unacceptable changes. It can cause dizziness, and other physical symptoms of altitude sickness will start to appear. So take your time today and acclimatize for the day. You can spend the day exploring the beautiful views of the region from the base camp.

    We shall spend tonight in the tented camps as well. You should bring some warm sleeping bags along with some warm clothes for the night as the nights are cold at higher altitudes.

    Day 4: Summit Island Peak and return to the Base camp and finally to Chhukung

    Maximum Altitude: 6,189 m

    Trek Duration: 9 – 10 hours

    Today is the big day. Today you shall summit the Island Peak. You can summit the Island Peak from the Base Camp in just a day. But it will be a long day ahead today.

    Starting from the Base Camp, you will first head towards the Island Peak High Camp. The climb from the Base Camp to the high camp is a steep ascend. The rocky steep trails take you to the high camp through a narrow passage. The rocky trails get narrower as you go further.

    Reaching the High Camp, you should take a short break before heading to the glaciers to reach the Island Peak. You can slowly walk to the snout of the glacier walking alongside the ridge of the trails. The professional guides will help you get hooked to the rope and harness ensuring your safety as you climb to the top of the peak.

    Climbing through the steep slopes with support from ropes and with the guides help, you will finally reach the summit of Island Peak.The views from the summit are otherworldly. You can explore and admire the mesmerizing views of the nearby peaks and magnificent glaciers from the summit.

    After some time, we shall retrace our steps and make the descent back to the Base Camp. After reaching the Island Peak Base Camp, we shall head back to the beautiful valley of Chhukung. The descent is relatively easier than the ascent and takes less time. Today we shall end our trek as we reach the Chhukung valley.

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    Is Island Peak Climbing from Chhukung difficult?

    No, Island peak climbing from Chhukung is not considered a difficult climb. Island peak climbing is one of the easier peaks to summit and is favorable for most beginners.

    Is Island Peak Climbing a technical climb?

    No, Island Peak climbing is not a technical climb. It can easily be done by beginners with the guide’s help. This non-technical side of the climb is what makes it favorable for beginners and new learners.

    Do I need prior experience and training?

    No, you don’t need training or prior experience. You can complete the Island Peak climbing as long as you are physically fit and mentally prepared for the trip.

    Is all my food and accommodation included in the cost?

    Your food and accommodation on the climb are included in the package for the Island Peak climbing. However your food and accommodation in the Chhukung Valley are not included in the packages, you will have to prepare for your food and accommodation for the first day in Chhukung and the final stay in Chhukung yourself after the climb is completed.

    Do I need oxygen cylinders for the climb?

    The Island Peak climbing is relatively easy and achievable even by beginners. So there is no need for the oxygen cylinders. However, our crew will carry an oxygen cylinder in case of emergencies.

    What to do in case of emergencies?

    In case of any emergencies or any other issues, make sure to communicate with your guide. The guide is a professional who knows how to deal with any situation during your climb. Your guide will provide you suggestions or advice on how to deal with almost everything during your climb. In case of emergencies, the guide will be the one to call for help.

    Do I need travel insurance?

    Yes, while performing any high altitude climbs, you need travel and climbing insurance. This is for the sake of your own safety. In case of any emergencies, your travel insurance will be responsible for any costs incurred during your rescue.

    What are the required climbing gears and equipment for Island Peak Climbing?

    You will need the basic non-technical climbing gear and equipment for Island Peak climbing from Chuikkung. Starting from fixed ropes and harnesses to ensure your safety while trekking and climbing with boot and ice screws for grip on the ice. Also, some basic gears like carabiners and ascenders are required. You can get all these equipment on rent from the company itself so don’t worry about finding them.