Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021 (After Covid 1st Expedition)

10 Oct 2021 Peak Climbing Nepal

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021 (After Covid 1st Expedition)

A successful expedition of 8000m mountain is a spectacular achievement. The achievement is even more special if the mountain is a challenging one like Manaslu. The recent September Manaslu expedition from Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition is thus an incredible success story.

The tourism sector in Nepal has taken a back seat in the recent past due to the COVID-19 pandemic. International travel came to a halt and suffered a loss of around USD 1.3 Trillion less in revenue. It comes as no surprise that the tourism industry had to go through huge losses during these times.

Nepal was all set to celebrate the “Visit Nepal Year” in 2020. But unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the campaign had to be canceled. The country had to go through multiple lockdowns that lasted many months. While there were losses in all sectors, the travel sector suffered the most.

There was a sharp decline in the incoming tourists which led to huge losses. Many such service providers within the industry even had to shut shop. However, the Nepal Government has finally reopened the “On Arrival Visas” service for citizens of eligible countries. This positive step has instilled some hope among the stakeholders of the industry.

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition recently concluded a stunning achievement of the Manaslu Expedition in September. Many within the industry believe that this achievement will boost tourism in Nepal. This rare feat will help to bring the tourism industry back to its feet after a dark period.

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

About Mount Manaslu

Mt. Manaslu (8,163 m), located in the Mansiri Himalayan range, is the 8th highest peak in the world. There are various routes from where you can achieve this incredible feat. The name “Manaslu” originates from the Sanskrit word “Manasa,” meaning the mountain spirit.

Manaslu Expeditioners have around six established routes to choose from during their summit ascent. The south face route is quite popular among them. This route is also considered the most adventurous.

One important statistic to note is that this mountain has a fatality rate of one in five climbers. It is commonly listed as extremely dangerous among 8000m peaks only behind Mt. Annapurna and Mt. K2.

Mount Manaslu is a beautiful mountain with off-the-beaten trails to arrive at the base camp. This is another exciting aspect of this journey. The routes pass through various natural landmarks, including rivers, waterfalls, forests, and others. This trail also takes you to the settlements of local people observing their heritage and culture.

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

About the September 2021 Manaslu Expedition

An expedition team from Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition completed the Manaslu expedition recently. The Expedition started on September 3, 2021. This expedition team led by Dendi Sherpa completed the climb on September 28. They arrived in Kathmandu on October 1.

This was the first time after the COVID pandemic that there was a successful expedition of this scale. The team included four foreign and three Nepali climbers. Mr. Prakash Devkota, the Managing Director of Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition, stated that “It is a good beginning amidst the grave concern developing among the tourism entrepreneurs due to long closure of the tourism industry.”

He further added, “It is possible just because of the trust people have upon Nepal Guide, our team, and event management strategy.” According to him, this successful expedition at such a critical time has shown rays of hope for the tourism industry in Nepal.

Mr. Devkota also emphasized the use of high-quality climbing gears and safety protocols with the expertise of mountain guides. He insisted that the proper management of itinerary with enough acclimatization is essential for any expedition.

He further added that the summit climb was an excellent sign of new beginnings after years of closure due to the pandemic situation in the country. Moreover, he congratulated the whole Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition team on this pioneering achievement of the Manaslu summit.

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

Members of September 2021 Manaslu Expedition

I) Yeniel Madrigal (USA) {guest} reached the Manaslu summit on 28th September 2021 at 11:30 AM.

II) Michael Brama (Netherlands) {guest} arrived at the peak of Manaslu on 28th September 2021 at 11:30 AM.

III) Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya (Singapore) {guest} ascended the Manaslu summit on 29th September 2021 at 10:00 AM.

IV) Martin Jachym (Czech Republic) {guest} reached the apex of Manalsu on 27th September 2021 at 11:30 AM.

V) Dendi Sherpa (Nepal) {team leader/guide} reached the top of Manalsu on 28th September 2021 at 11:30 AM. He was the team leader of the expedition representing Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition and also a professional climbing guide.

VI) Nuri Sherpa (Nepal) {guide} scaled the Manaslu peak on 28th September 2021 at 11:30 AM. He is a professional climbing and trekking guide.

VII) Dorgi Sherpa (Nepal) {guide} from Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition arrived at the Manaslu summit on 28th September 2021 at 11:30 AM.

One of the climbers, Yeniel Madrigal, was quite ecstatic about the team’s rare achievement and wrote, “This achievement is not my achievement, but a collaboration of some of my friends, family, and myself together” on his Facebook post.

Team leader and representative of Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition, Dendi Sherpa said, “Our team started the summit push from Camp 4 at 4:00 AM on September 28, and reached the summit at 11:30 AM.” Dendi also emphasized the challenges of the climb and said it was exhilarating.

Dendi went on to describe the difficult ascent. The last section was short but very steep and located in a snow-covered rock outcrop. This section took much longer to climb due to the challenging section and sharp edge of the knife.

Manaslu Expedition is an alternative to other similar expeditions like Mt. Cho Oyu. These expeditions are generally considered a training ground for the expedition of the highest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. The training you get in this mountain will be sufficient to climb any mountains above 8,000 m.

Dorgi Sherpa, another member of our Manaslu expedition and a professional guide, said, “We were very careful about every aspect of safety and time management. The expedition that began on September 3 was completed with our arrival in Kathmandu on Monday (October 1, 2021)”.Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

    Manaslu Summit Route

    The Manaslu Expedition starts as we trek through various hilly trails in the rugged and remote region. We will reach the Manaslu mountain base camp after walking for a few days. We will then move towards the beautiful mountain gradually with proper acclimatization.

    There are four camps that you need to cover before arriving at the summit. The respective camps include Camp I (5,500 m), Camp II (6,250 m), Camp III (6,800 m), and Camp IV (7,450 m). This breakdown of camps at several intervals and altitudes makes it easier to complete this expedition.

    There are many challenges that we need to encounter during our climb, including altitude sickness. We will separate various activities that you can perform so that you can tackle these challenges with ease. Some preparations regarding the safeguarding of the routes with ropes are also done.

    We will climb to higher camps and descend to lower camps frequently during this period. This process allows you to acclimatize quickly so that your body gets adapted to high-altitude conditions. These activities will allow you to traverse through these high-altitude glaciated ridges. We will gradually pass through these ridge trails in the route towards the summit.

    Each step must get taken with proper safety measures. The Manaslu summit final ascent gets started in the early hours of the morning. You will reach the summit before midday as there are fierce winds in the afternoon. The view of the entire mountain vista from the summit is enthralling.

    Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

    Manaslu Climbing Season

    As with other Himalayan peaks, Autumn and Spring are the two best seasons for Manaslu climbing.


    Spring months from March to May is probably the best season for Manaslu expeditions. The temperature is moderate in the region as the weather generally remains stable. The temperature gets warmer and warmer gradually in this season which makes it ideal for trekking and climbing.

    The snow deposits from the winter start to melt in these seasons. Clear skies provide you with majestic Himalayan views. There are wildflowers like rhododendron, juniper, and others glowing in this region. However, there is a haze around the peaks due to humidity in the air.


    Autumn from September to early November is a great time to take this Manaslu expedition. There is stable weather and a moderate climate in the region. A favorable environment leads to lesser weather-related challenges and makes it ideal for an adventure.

    As the days in the Autumn season gradually get colder and colder, you should prepare well. There is minimal precipitation as this season comes post-monsoon. During Autumn, clear skies complement the incredible beauty of the snow-capped mountains. Temperatures in the region range between 10 degrees to 15 degrees Celsius.


    Winter is a challenging time in the Himalayas. This season ranges from December to February. There are extreme cold weather conditions in the high-altitude trail. These are the off seasons for the expedition.

    There is chilly weather, with temperatures dropping below the freezing point. Heavy snowfall is common in the region, with thick snow covering the trails. However, you will get the best view of the winter wonderland.


    The summer season from June to August brings a hot and humid climate to the region. It gets pretty challenging to travel this season. This summer-monsoon season is the off-season for climbing Manaslu peak.

    The summer season also brings heavy rainfall to the region. There are muddy and slippery trails with floods and landslides common in the lower region trails. There are these challenging conditions in the summer season that make it unfavorable for climbing.

    Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

    How Difficult is the Manaslu Climb?

    Manaslu Peak Climbing is a tough climb compared to other Himalayan mountains. It is generally considered the most strenuous climb after Annapurna and K2. This peak climbing also includes a technical section. You will need to train with mountaineering gear and equipment before the climb.

    This mountain climbing is quite demanding, both physically and mentally. The strenuous itinerary passes through rugged trails before arriving at the base camp. The high-altitude trails and long duration climb make this trek quite challenging. The reliable mountain gear is another essential aspect of this expedition.

    A licensed professional guide will help you with these journeys. They will provide proper routes and safeguard you with the necessary equipment. These well-experienced climbers who work as guides follow complete safety protocols. Thus, you will have a safe and adventurous adventure.

    Manaslu Expedition is a relatively tricky climb compared to other mountains. There are various challenging trails before you arrive at the base camp. The trekking journey challenges include extreme cold weather, acute mountain sickness, rugged trails, etc.

    Hence, proper training gear and preparation will lead you to success during this climb. Manaslu climbing requires climbers to have a basic knowledge of high altitude rock climbing. There are vertical walls of 50-60 degrees that are around 100 meters long.

    There are steep climbing sections and slippery ridges, especially between camp I and camp II. Besides that, icy glaciers, icefalls, crevasses, rocky boulders, and others make this climb challenging. Hence, proper preparation, training, and mental stability are essential for the Manaslu expedition.

    Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

    Final Say

    The September Manaslu Expedition is an incredible success story in these dark times. This rare achievement has shown some positive rays for the overall tourism sector in Nepal. Hopefully, this industry will come back on its tracks after such a dull period of over a year. It has also shown the importance of a local tour operator in the successful completion of your journey.

    If you choose us as your tour operator, we assure you of a great time on your Himalayan adventure. Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition remains focussed on delivering the utmost customer satisfaction at all costs.

      Contact us for more details regarding various high-altitude trekking and mountain expedition packages. Happy traveling!