Manaslu Expedition Cost

31 Mar 2022 Peak Climbing Nepal

Manaslu Expedition Cost

Our Manaslu Expedition cost is US$ 11,500. Check the following information in detail.

The Manaslu expedition is a beautiful climbing journey of a stunning 8000m mountain. This spectacular mountain in the Mansiri Himalayan range of the Annapurna region is quite a challenge to climb. This towering Himal, has an elevation of 8163m. It is the world’s 8th highest mountain with a prominence of 3092m.

Mt. Manaslu’s expedition is incredibly challenging as it is only one of the 14 eight thousand meters in the world. This beautiful mountain peak lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet. Moreover, the trail of this expedition requires you to pass through exciting landscapes, including mountains, hills, rivers, glaciers, etc.

One thing to consider before this adventure is the total cost of the expedition. The Manaslu expedition cost depends on various factors including the itinerary duration. Other factors determining the cost include food, stay, travel insurance, permits, guides, porters, etc.

We provide a complete expedition package that covers the cost of all these factors. Hence, you can book with us for an exclusive mountaineering and peak climbing experience. Moreover, you should also read what gets included and doesn’t in this package.

We have provided everything about the Manaslu Expedition Cost through this article. You will get the complete cost breakdown of the Manaslu expedition along with the overall cost.

Table of Contents

Manaslu Expedition Package Cost Details

Cost Includes

  • Pickup and drop off facilities
  • Full sightseeing tour of Kathmandu
  • Transfers to and from hotel
  • Entrance fees
  • Transportation costs.
  • Sightseeing tour in Kathmandu
  • Accommodation cost
  • Food cost
  • National Park Permits
  • Trekking and climbing guides cost
  • Trekking Permits
  • Manaslu climbing Permit
  • Climbing gears and equipment
  • Arrival and Farewell dinner
  • Staff clothing and Insurance
  • Porters cost
  • Kitchen and camping equipment
  • Staff and crew salary
  • First Aid Kits
  • Airport and Government taxes

Costs Excludes

  • Personal costs
  • Tips and donations
  • Travel insurance
  • Climbing gear

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    Cost Breakdown of Manaslu Expedition

    The complete cost breakdown of the Manaslu expedition are as follows:

    Cost of Guides or Porters

    Manaslu expedition costs must include various guides or porters fees as well. These 8000 m climbs are not easy and require proper training. This Manaslu expedition takes you through arduous terrains of the region. Therefore, you will need professional guides and porters along the trail.

    They will guide you immensely and help during the trek. These guides know the routes like the back of their hand. Hence, they will keep you safe from losing your way and other injuries along the trail. The costs of these guides and porters also get included in the overall price.

    These trekking guides will cost you around 1000-1500U S$ per Expedition. They will also help with your stay during the journey as they have connections along the trail. Besides, they will also help you with other logistics along the route. Moreover, the porters along the path cost you around 1,000US$ per expedition for 25 kgs of weight on average.

    However, they might charge you extra for some extra weights. Moreover, there are mountaineering guides required for the Manaslu expedition as well. They will cost you around 1000-1500 US$ on average.

    Cost of Transportation

    The transportation cost is an integral part of the Manaslu expedition. You will arrive at the beautiful starting location of the trek with a scenic drive from Kathmandu. First, our staff will pick you up and take you on the journey to the trekking point.

    The travel is generally on a private vehicle or Jeep. However, you can also travel on a bus to get there. The bus journey is less comfortable than on a reserved car. While traveling, you can also observe the beautiful vista of the region. The total transportation cost is around $10-$15 from Kathmandu on a public vehicle and about $250-$300 on a Jeep.

    Cost of Accommodation

    Travelers also need to separate costs for accommodation facilities during their journey. While there are various options for staying in cities, you will find fewer accommodations on trails at the high altitude. There are incredible five-star hotels in the town of Kathmandu and also small hostels. The range of accommodation in the city ranges from US$15-US$250.

    The facilities in these hotels are pretty luxurious, and they provide you with high-end facilities. Hence, the accommodation cost depends on where you stay during your trip. Furthermore, the high-altitude trails only have tea houses and lodges where you will have to spend the night in basic conditions.

    These accommodations provide you with basic meals and stay facilities. However, you should not expect any high-end facilities like the cities along the trail. Overall, you will get the best place to stay with warm meals during the journey at around US$15 to US$20 per night.

    Book your meals and accommodation facilities in advance. You will need to share the room with fellow trekkers in peak seasons in case of crowded teahouses. After reaching Manaslu BC, you will camp during the night for the remaining duration of the journey. The Sherpa guides will provide you with the necessary assistance for camping.

    Cost of Permits

    Manaslu expedition requires Annapurna Conservation Area permits (ACAP) as the trails pass through these regions. The cost of entry for ACAP is US$30 for foreigners and US$10 for SAARC nationals.

    Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) costs you around US $10 for group trekkers and US $20 for solo trekkers. It will cost US $3 for group trekkers and US $6 for solo trekkers if you are from SAARC nations.

    Manaslu falls under 8000 m; hence you will require royalty for the climb. The Manaslu mountaineering royalty is US $1800 in Spring, US $900 in Autumn, and US $450 in Winter/Monsoon.

    Cost of Meals and drinks

    The cost of meals and drinks are also essential for consideration. There are various meal options in the city, but they get limited as you move high. You will find the variety of meals getting reduced significantly. This is because the food ingredients need to get transported along the route. There are various cafes, hotels, and restaurants in the city. The food cost ranges from around US$2 to US$30 in Kathmandu.

    Dal-Bhat is the most common meal along the trail. It will provide you with enough energy required for the challenging trek. There are various other meals available along the route, including momo, thukpa, etc. These meals cost around US$2- US$6 per day. Some meals are hand-cooked by the crew members once you reach the base camp.

    Cost of Equipment and Gears

    Manaslu peak climbing requires proper mountaineering gear. The equipment includes an abseil belay device, ascender, harness, crampons, ice axe, carabiners, trekking poles, etc. These gear and equipment are also available for rent in shops. The hiring cost of this equipment is 1 to 10 USD per day.

    Other Miscellaneous Costs

    Travel insurance

    Travel insurance will help you with the various aspects of the trekking journey. These can help you with unexpected situations along the trail in multiple ways. These may include altitude sickness, medical injuries, and even evacuations. Since you will trek above 4000m, you should ensure that the travel insurance package you take will cover them.

    Altitude sickness can turn quite challenging as it can also turn fatal if not treated on time. Besides that, even a tiny cramp means that you might have to abandon the trek. Evacuation in case of emergency in these remote trails is through helicopters. So, you will need to get covered in this aspect as well. Hence, you should get a complete travel insurance package covering all these aspects.

    Tipping costs and Donations

    Tipping costs should also get separated for the trip. You need to tip the guides, porters, and others during the journey. Moreover, you can tip based on the various levels of satisfaction. On average, the tipping cost for guides is around 10% of the total costs.

    Moreover, tipping in the services like hotels, restaurants, and tea houses is also common. You can tip based on your desire or the quality of services. Besides that, you must also separate some budget for the donations or charity you want to perform. This will help the overall economic situation of the local community.


    Connectivity in these remote trails is through various NTC or Ncell SIM cards. You can get these SIM cards for US $1- $2 with additional data costs. However, as you move high along the trail, you may not find connectivity as there are no towers.


    Charging various electronic devices like mobiles, computers, laptops, and others will also cost you. Since electricity is scarce in these regions, you will need to pay hourly for charging in these trails. The charging cost is around the US $1 – $3 on an hourly basis in these remote trails.

    Hot Showers

    Hot showers are another miscellaneous cost in this high-altitude trekking journey. There is no fuel or electricity for continuous hot waters along the trail. Hence, you will need additional charges for hot showers along the route. These luxury facilities cost around the US $1 – $3 in the high altitude region. However, if you cannot find these facilities in the high-altitude area, you can use wet wipes for cleaning.

    Personal expenses

    Personal expenses include various aspects of the tour. They might consist of souvenirs for family back home and celebratory meals and drinks. Hence, you should allocate some budget for these personal expenses too.

    Total Manaslu Expedition Cost

    The Manaslu expedition cost is around US$11500 per person. These packages include meals, transportation, accommodations, guides and porters, trek permits, etc. These costs get included in the package except for some miscellaneous expenses. They are personal costs, travel insurance, tipping costs, etc. Read the Manaslu Expedition cost breakdown in detail before commencing the journey.

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