Manaslu expedition in Autumn (September, October & November)

11 Mar 2022 Peak Climbing Nepal

Manaslu expedition in Autumn (September, October & November)

The Manaslu expedition is an incredible high-altitude peak climbing adventure. This fantastic mountaineering journey is a unique challenge in the off-the-beaten landscapes of the Manaslu region. Manaslu Himal is located in the sub-range of Mansiri towers at the elevation of 8163m.

Since Autumn is the peak travel season in Nepal, it is the ideal time for the Manaslu expedition. Autumn with perfect weather conditions is a spectacular time in the Manaslu region. Moreover, there are clear blue skies, excellent crisp air, and all-encompassing views in the region.

The silver mountain views with green hilly regions are the highlights of the Manaslu trek in Autumn. There are moderate temperatures as compared to the winters in the high-altitude region. Autumn covers the three months from September to November. This makes Manaslu expeditions a pleasant experience that is achievable by all.

Another excellent factor that adds up to the advantage is the opportunity for cultural exploration. Since many festivals, including some major ones like Dashain, Tihar, etc., fall in Autumn. As you travel along the route, you can experience the festive atmosphere and people busy preparing for the festivities.

Overall, the Manaslu Expedition is ideal for the peaceful and favorable Autumn season. If you want to go for the Manaslu expedition, you will get the best experience with us. You can read about the Manaslu Expedition in Autumn in detail through this article.

Autumn Departure Dates 2023/2024 –  September 03 and September 21

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Manaslu Expedition in September

September in the Manaslu region and the other parts of the country is a pleasant time. The Autumn climate means that the weather remains dry with no monsoon clouds. Since this is the first Autumn month, trekking or expedition in the early parts of the month is not favorable.

Trekkers can experience some rain, especially in the afternoons and evenings. From mid-September onwards, you will experience great weather with clear skies and trails. Hence, you can find crowded trails with many trekkers in the region. The wildlife in the area also remains active, with green vegetation all around. For these reasons, you can go for the Manaslu expedition in September.

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Manaslu Weather in September

The weather in September gradually gets warmer as the month from mid-September. There are clear blue skies during the daytime, while you might experience overcast conditions in the evenings. The snow-clad mountains look stunning from viewpoints in the region.

The weather generally remains ideal for trekking and other kinds of adventure in the area. The temperatures in the region average around 10°C to 15°C. In comparison, nights have decreased temperatures that can range from -10 to -1 degrees Celsius. The lower region temperature averages around 21°C and is 7°C in the higher trails.

Difficulties for Manaslu Expedition in September

The early parts of September can be pretty challenging for trekkers. There is still some monsoon weather left in the region. Hence, you should carry waterproof gears and equipment if you decide to trek at this time. These gears include waterproof boots, trousers, and shorts, which will make it comfortable for you to trek in the region.

Moreover, you will have tea houses and lodges in the region only open late in September. Since the available number of accommodation facilities is relatively less, you will have to prepare for this aspect in advance. You should, therefore, book all your facilities regarding meals and accommodations in advance.

Manaslu Expedition in October

October is generally considered the ideal time for trekking in the Manaslu region. The beautiful Autumn season provides trekkers with marvelous views of the silver mountains. There is perfect weather throughout the month with clear blue skies in the Himalayan region.

The region remains filled with wildlife and lush vegetation all around. The trekkers will observe Manaslu Himal and other famous peaks in October. Hence, the trek trails become easy and comfortable in these seasons. Therefore, Manaslu expeditions in October are a pleasant experience.

Other snow-clad mountains are also observable to a great extent in the Manaslu Expedition in October. The clear blue skies and the silver mountains are the highlights of the tour. Moreover, October is also the cultural time in the region, with many festivals like Dashain and Tihar. Hence, it is a great time to go on a cultural exploration.

Manaslu Weather in Manaslu in October

The weather remains stable in the region, which means that October is ideal for the Manaslu expedition. There are moderate temperatures with minimal chances of precipitation or rainfall. October is a perfect time as there is excellent visibility so that you can get the best views all around.

The temperature remains moderate in the region in October. There are generally warmer days and chilly nights throughout the trails. The nights and early mornings get colder as well in the high altitude.

The average temperatures range from around 13 to 25 degrees Celsius in the paths leading to the base camp. The daytime average temperature ranges from around 15 to 16°C. At night, the temperature can drop around -1 to -2°C, especially above 4000m.

Difficulties for Manaslu Expedition in October

The rugged terrains of the remote region are the same throughout. Hence, you will have to face the challenges this month too. The physical build and stamina required for the trek are quite the same. Besides, the region’s terrain includes mountain valleys, narrow cliffs, Himalayan rivers, etc. Hence, you should have the proper training for the trek in advance fitness and stamina.

The Manaslu trekking trail has many accommodations in tea houses and lodges. Since October is the peak season, you will get packed teahouses and lodges along the route. Hence, for these reasons, you should pack all your accommodation facilities in advance so that you can remain in comfort. Besides that, you can also share a room with fellow trekkers if the rooms get packed.

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

Manaslu Expedition in November

The Autumn season ends in November in the Manaslu region. Since the winter season is just around the corner, it gets pretty cold. Especially in the latter part of the month, you will get a pretty cold experience. Hence, in case you want to experience the winter atmosphere, you can plan to take this Manaslu Expedition in November.

The entire region looks incredibly beautiful in November. You can observe the spectacular landscapes of the Himalayan region. There, you can explore the natural diversities and experience the peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. The incredible Manaslu Expedition in November is an outstanding lifetime adventure.

Manaslu Weather in November

November is a beautiful time as it is in between periods of two seasons. The beautiful trail gets relatively colder in the latter part of the month. Hence, you can observe pre-winter conditions in the region. Therefore, you will need warm clothing and gear along with proper mountaineering equipment.

If you decide to travel in the latter part of the month, you will experience some snowfall in the area. The temperatures can go way below the freezing point in most parts along the trail. However, there is a warm condition in the daytime throughout. The temperature in the lower region averages around 12°C. While as you move up along the trail, you will experience temperatures in the range of -1 to -3°C.

Difficulties for Manaslu Expedition in November

Nights in the season are pretty cold with freezing weather conditions. Therefore, warm clothes and gear will help you from freezing conditions. Besides that, you should also carry sleeping bags for a warm night’s sleep. That will help you cover your body from the cold at night that can drop below 0 degrees.

In the latter part of November, you should also carry rainproof shoes as you might have to walk over snow. Besides that, the trekkers will require more excellent physical fitness and stamina. The training in the region requires high-altitude training.

    Why Go For Manaslu Expedition in Autumn?

    Manaslu Expedition is ideal in Autumn. The beautiful peak climbing adventures are suitable in this season as the weather generally remains stable. The beautiful Autumn environment provides travelers with great exploration opportunities. You will have tranquil experiences on these off-the-beaten routes.

    The views of the Himalayan mountains are excellent in Autumn. There are clear blue skies that offer marvelous views of the snow-clad mountain vista. There are other naturally beautiful, diverse landmarks as well. Climbers will have a great time exploring these terrains.

    Manaslu is a spectacular mountain to climb. You need to tackle various challenges for the summit of the peak. In the Autumn season, these challenges get lesser due to ideal weather conditions. Hence, the perfect climbing conditions make it suitable in Autumn.

    There are beautiful cultural trails and settlements of the local people along the route. The trails pass through the ancient cultural heritage of the region. There are multiple festivals like Dashain and Tihar in Autumn. Hence, the Manaslu expedition in Autumn is also a chance for travelers to go on a cultural exploration.