Manaslu Expedition in Spring – March, April & May

22 Feb 2022 Prakash Devkota

Manaslu Expedition in Spring – March, April & May

Once it is spring in Nepal, the trails to the mountains start to get alive. How not be? Spring is the best time for a mountain expedition in the Himalayas.

You are also looking to do Manaslu Expedition in Spring, which is quite a good pick. Just do it. We will tell you why through this blog. Make sure you read the entire blog.

Spring in Nepal arrives in March, right after the departure of Winter. And it remains in the atmosphere of Nepal until it is May. The nation undergoes the best time of the year where you get warm and pleasing weather, excellent brightness, sunlight throughout the days, clear & vibrant views, flowering season, and more in Spring. That is why the weather conditions are spot-on for any kind of expedition in the mountains of Nepal.

Choosing this particular season will make the whole journey a pleasing one. There will be no challenges or uncertainties like in seasons such as Monsoon and Winter. Instead, your chances of reaching the summit of your desired peak are high if you choose Spring.

So we guess you got a brief idea about mountain climbing in Nepal in Spring until this point. Now, let’s talk about Mt Manaslu a little bit and then about the Manaslu Expedition in Spring’s three months separately. Let’s start.

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About Manaslu

Nepal is a land of mountains, breathtaking mountains that are the highest of all.

One of them is Manaslu, the eighth tallest peak in the world. Manaslu simply means the mountain of the spirit in the Nepalese language.

Mt Manaslu(8,163m) is a mountain rising in the west-central part of Nepal in the Gorkha District. The cliff is a part of Mansiri Himal, a section of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Manaslu Region, the home to Mt Manaslu, is an excellent trekking destination. The Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most notable one; Mount Manaslu is one of the trek highlights. Trekkers stay awestruck by the sights of Mt Manaslu and other peaks of the region but mainly by Mt Manaslu.

Checking the history, on May 9, 1956, Mt Manaslu was first climbed by Gyalzen Norbu and Toshio Imanishi. There have been successful climbs in the 70s, 80s, 90, until now. And the peak has been scaled by many people. The mountain is quite popular among climbers desiring to ascend Mt Everest and other higher eight-thousanders.

Mt Manaslu is a technical peak that requires prior climbing experience of higher peaks of 7000m. It is one of the strenuous climbs of all 14 eight-thousanders. One mounting the top of Mt Manaslu will gain climbing experience for the rest of the climbs.

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Manaslu Expedition in Spring

Manaslu Expedition in March

March, the first month of Spring in Nepal, is perfect for heading to Manaslu. It is a post-winter month, so the first few days of March can be a little bit crispy. Slowly, the temperature increases to a warm level.

The middle or late weeks of March are ideal for Manaslu Expedition. By that time, the weather has to become more stable and pleasant. It is around 17 degrees in the lower region during daylight.

But expect the night and morning periods to be cold. The average temperature during those hours is about -15 degrees, which is so crispy. Similarly, the temperature in the peak region can rotate around -7 to -14 degrees or even down.

Manaslu Region’s higher parts might be snowy due to the winter aftermath. Those choosing this month to climb Manaslu have to face snow-related problems during the climb. However, the snow will not affect your journey that much. You can obviously deal with the snow if you are a climber.

The Manaslu Expedition in March is a green signal. However, the early days of the month can be crispy and snowy in the mountains. If you are okay with those hassles, March is a perfect month.

Manaslu Expedition in April

April is a complete Spring month. Complete in a way that the month allows you to experience the good colors of Spring. You will know why Spring is called the best month while doing Manaslu Expedition.

Spring takes over Nepal and spreads the best weather conditions by April. The weather, which was cold for some months, has become warmer now. You will see the Himalayas all clear and bright, all day long. The weather remains static throughout the month. And there will not be any alteration in temperature at all. You will have the bright sun above you, providing radiant light.

As the days are sunny, the daytime temperature in the lower region is relatively warmer ranging from 0 to 15 degrees. Later in the dark hours, the temperature drops to zero. Similarly, the temperature in the higher areas of the expedition is always around the freezing point. You know what the temperature in the mountains is like being a climber.

Unlike March, the snow on the climbing trails will get a little lower during this month. Thanks to the warm weather of Spring, which reaches its best in April. Having less snow on the trail means you will have fewer snow problems during the entire Manaslu Expedition.

April is the unmatched month of Spring for the Manaslu Expedition. Opting for the climb during the month will let you face the best weather conditions of Autumn.

Manaslu Expedition in May

May brings the departure of Spring and the arrival of Summer in Nepal. Due to that, the places around Nepal experience a hot climate. Mainly the lower parts of the Manaslu Region will be hotter. The daytime temperature of those places rotates around 15 degrees. But the mountains are still freezing as always as they will always do.

The hottest month of Spring is perfect for mountain expeditions. During this period, the weather is warmer than in the other months of Spring. Thus, you will have a much easier time in the mountains. Similarly, the climate conditions do not change much throughout May. That is another plus point of the Manaslu Expedition in May.

When the weather is mellow, you are sure to catch marvelous glimpses of the region. There will be comparably low snow on the trails in the mountains. That will make your climb way easier.

However, the last few days of May can be a little unstable. As the summer season is incoming, the country may experience some unprecedented changes in the weather. Thus, if you pick May for the Manaslu climb, make sure you choose the early days.

Manaslu Expedition: A Successful Climbing September 2021

Why Manaslu Expedition in Spring?

Stable weather

The best thing about Spring is that it is a stable season. It is the time when Nepal undergoes one of the best weather shapes. On any day of Spring, you are likely to get durable weather. Stable means the weather remains calm and favorable alike. You’ll not experience or feel any changes in the temperature. The weather is unchanging throughout Spring. That is what a mountaineer seeks while climbing a peak.

Lower chances of snowfall and rainfall

As the weather sticks to good conditions in Spring, there are lower chances of snowfall and rainfall. Instead of rain and snow, you will get warm and bright sun throughout the season. Having the sun in the view is always a great sign while on an expedition.

Days are longer

The days during Spring are longer than in Autumn, another good season for Manaslu. Longer days mean you get more time to reach your destination every day in Spring. If you want to have a little extra time, Spring will be great for you.

Season of flowers

Spring is the season of flowers. That means your Manaslu Expedition will be a colorful one if you choose Spring. While trekking through the Manaslu Region, you will pass via the vibrant flowers. It will be such a lovely thing to experience.

Bright visibility

You will have the sun to light your path brightly every day in Spring. The bright sunny days of Spring make your trek and climb much easier. You will know where you are stepping up. Therefore, the brilliant visibility is another perk of the Manaslu Expedition in Spring.

Great views

Spring is a season for clear and great views. The weather is stable, the sun is all out, and there are no clouds around the skies. That means you will be getting spectacular views of terrains and mountains all the time during the daytime. The view from the top of Manaslu Peak will be the greatest one of all.

    At Last

    We hope this “Manaslu Expedition in Spring” blog has made your day informational. Now, you probably know why to do Manaslu climbing in the season. As said throughout the blog, Spring is the best time for climbing the eighth tallest mountain in the world. If you have prepared well, the weather will favor the climb without any problems. And you will touch the height of Mt Manaslu in a class.

    We, Peak Climbing Nepal, are one of the experienced expedition leaders in the country. And we are always here to guide you in any way.


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