Mera Peak Climbing Cost (Includes and Excludes)

6 Nov 2023 Peak Climbing Nepal

Mera Peak Climbing Cost (Includes and Excludes)

Mera Peak climbing is a popular mountain climbing option. It is a peak welcome for any type of mountaineer, may it be beginners or experienced ones. If you are in Nepal and wish to do an easier climb, you can do the Mera Peak climbing. The Mera Peak climbing cost is also quite reasonable compared to other popular climbing peaks.

The Mera Peak climbing is considered a hiking peak climb. Meaning that the difficulty level of the mountain is similar to high-altitude treks. Hence, climbing Mera Peak does not require extensive expenses like other mountain climbs in Nepal. It is a wonderful way to explore the Nepali Himalayan trails and also do low-effort mountain climbing. The climb is adventurous yet quite economically reasonable.

If you are looking for a detailed breakdown of Mera Peak climbing costs, you’re in the right place. The cost of Mera Peak climbing ranges anywhere from USD 2500 to USD 3000. The cost varies based on your trekking package, itinerary, extravagant spending, etc. Stick with us to know the details!

Mera Peak Climbing Package cost.

Mera Peak Climbing Package cost.

Our package of the Mera Peak climbing costs USD 2555 per person, to be exact. It is the applicable price per head. However, there can be arrangements for packages for group trekking. Such packages might also be up for discounted offers for a limited time.

After you pay for the package, our team will organize everything and lead you. Then, you need not worry about managing amenities for your trek. The hassle of obtaining permits, finding transportation tickets, arranging lodges, food, etc is on us. We will also make sure you have experienced guides to help you throughout the trek.

The basic amenities necessary for the trek are covered and quite reasonable. We will break down the cost of these included amenities here. We, however, will not cover up for the cost of extravagant expenses during this trek. Those potential expenses are also broken down.

What does the Mera Peak Climbing package cost include?

What does the Mera Peak Climbing package cost include

The basic requirements for the trek are included in this package. After you pay for the package, the following factors need not be covered by you.


The Mera Peak climbing includes traveling to the remote trails of Khumbu to climb the peak. This means you need to travel to Lukla to begin your trek. Reaching Lukla requires you to catch a domestic flight from Kathmandu. The flight takes you to the Tenzing Hillary airport at Lukla. The same flight is necessary to get back to Kathmandu after the climb.

The cost of this flight will be USD 220 per person. The two-way ticket will cost around USD 440. The cost of both these flights is covered in this package.


The permit cost of the Mera Peak climbing includes the mountaineering pass as well as the trekking pass.

Mountaineering Pass – The first permit that you will need for the trek is the Nepal Mountaineering Association Pass. The permit cost depends on the time you do the climb. The cost goes like this :

  • Spring Season (March to May): USD 250 per head
  • Summer Season (June to August): USD 70 per head
  • Autumn Season (Sep to Nov): USD 125 per head
  • Winter (Dec to Feb): USD 70 per head

Trekking permits – The trekking permits required for the trip are a Local Area permit and either a Sagarmatha National Park entry Permit or a Makalau Barun National Park entry permit based on your route. Their cost is:

  • Local Area Permit – USD 16
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit – USD 24 (Everest Base Camp trails)
  • Makalu Barun National Park Entry Permit – USD 24 ( Hinku Valley trails)

The cost of permits altogether could range anywhere from USD 300 to USD 110. It varies based on the time you do the trek and the route you choose. The total cost of your permit is covered by us. All you need to do is give us the needed document so that we can obtain the permits.


Accommodation mera peak climbing

You need to spend many days in Nepal to finish this climb. So managing a place to spend the night is essential. Accommodation is the primary amenity required for this trek. The options for accommodation vary during this trip. The options for accommodation come in a wider range in city areas. On the other hand, remote high-altitude places have limited options for accommodation.

In Kathmandu, you will find options for hotels or resorts. They can range anywhere from USD 15 to USD 250 per night or more. The price range exceeds based on luxury and facilities. You can make a reasonable for yourself.

In places other than Kathmandu, which are the remote trekking trails, the options are limited. You will get lodges and tea houses that are run by locals of the place you stop for the night. These tea houses or lodges cost anywhere from USD 5 to USD 8 per night. They usually come with shared rooms with two beds and an attached toilet. The resources in such remote tea houses are limited, so do not expect much. However, they will be good enough to sustain you and give you well-needed rest for the day.

The cost of such accommodation throughout your trip is covered by our package.

Food and drinks

Your daily meals and drinks are another important expense that needs to be covered. The meal options also vary based on the place you’re staying. The hotels in Kathmandu have a wide variety of cuisines. They might also serve international meals. On the other hand, tea houses are limited to Nepali cuisines. You usually get food like Momo, Chowmein Noodles, Daal Bhaat, Pasta, Bread, Pizza, burgers, etc for your meal.

Our package covers around 3 to 4 meals per day. We will provide enough meals to sustain you throughout the trip. One meal will likely cost you around USD 6 to USD 12.

Similarly, for drink options, we stray away from alcohol. Drink options include tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, etc. The drinks cost anywhere from USD 2 to USD 4. The cost of such drinks is much higher in remote trails. The resources there are scarce, and freight cost makes everything more costly. Hence, a tea that would cost only Rs 25 might cost Rs 250 during the trek.

Tea houses and lodges, however, do give you reasonable deals and make excellent drinks. The food and drinks will be quite hygienic, well-cooked, and nutrition-packed. They will be great to sustain you throughout the trip. The cost of basic food and drinks is included in the package.

Guides and porters

Mera-Peak-Climbing guides and porter cost

Guides and porters are another essential part of traveling in remote trails. Hiring guides is a compulsion during the Mera Peak climbing. Your permits will not be processed unless you have a licensed guide traveling with you. The guides are necessary to ensure your own safety. They make sure your trip is convenient and thrilling at the same time. The daily wage of the guides might cover both their services as well as their meals, accommodation, and insurance. For that, it would cost around USD 30 per day.

Along with guides, porters also play an important role in the Mera peak climbing journey. Porters might not be a compulsion, but they will be quite helpful. They ensure your strength and help make your trip more comfortable. Porters carry around 25 kg of luggage per day. Their daily wage also includes their service, food, accommodation, and insurance. This would amount to the cost of hiring a porter to USD 25 per day.

Medical Kit

An emergency medical kit or first aid kit is essential for any type of remote trail trekking or peak climbing. Chances of minor ailments or altitude sicknesses are always possible during such trips. You could also injure yourself during the climbs and cause sprains, strains, fractures, etc. Other health issues like insect bites, dehydration, muscle cramps, stomach cramps, and headaches are also probable. Similarly, women could have their menstruation during the trip.

Keeping in mind these factors, we prepare emergency medical kits for you. They consist of minimum required items needed in case of health problems during your trip. The cost of this medical kit is also covered in your package.

Government Taxes and Official business cost

The cost of most expenses includes government tasks. Lodging, permits, travel, cost, etc include government taxes. Similarly, the agency is also liable for tax duties for its operation. Such costs come within the package itself.

What does the Mera Peak Climbing package not include?

What does the Mera Peak Climbing package not include

International Tickets

The cost of airfare from Kathmandu to Lukla is included in the package. However, we do not cover your airfare for international flights. Your flights to arrive in Nepal and leave back home must be out of your own pocket.

Entry Visa for Nepal

You will need an entry visa for Nepal to do the Mera Peak climbing. The cost of fees for visa entry will not be included in our package. Make sure you do your research on how many days you might be in Nepal and make payment arrangements yourself.

Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu

The cost of morning breakfast comes in our package. However, Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu are not included in the package. Kathmandu is a place that is very fun to explore. It also has a wide variety of options for food for you. So, we encourage you to explore what Kathmandu has to offer to you.

You can also opt to stay for a meal in the overnight stay hotel. However, the primary cost of the package assumes you will explore places around the city for lunch and dinner. Other meals of the trip, however, are covered in the package.

Entry Fees for Heritage Sites other than the trekking trails

Entry Fees for Heritage Sites other than the trekking trails

You might want to pay a visit to tourist attraction sites in places like Kathmandu during your stay. Such sites will require you to get entry permits. The cost of such a permit is not in the package.

Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance is a very smart move for this trip. Not only is it smart, but it is also quite an important part of obtaining your permits. You ought to have travel insurance to obtain your permits. This travel insurance does not come with the package; you need to get it covered on your own. We highly suggest you get it done back in your home country.

Personal extravagant Expenses

You might want to make some purchases for your personal use during your Nepal visit. Extravagant meals, drinks, or shopping might occur during your trip. Similarly, you might want some extra amenities during the trek like hot showers, battery charging, wifi, internet package, etc. These do not come in the primary cost of the package. So, make sure you do your research beforehand and carry extra money for that.

Tips / Gratuity or Donations

You can choose to tip during the trip or not. It’s up to you. However, people might expect it from you. Tipping guides, porters, and your service giver during the trip would be a great idea. Remote altitude travel takes a lot of effort, and tips might be a great showcase of gratitude for their service.

Similarly, you might be expected to make donations to local temples and stupas of the villages. You can donate or choose not to; it’s up to you.

The cost of such tips and donations is not included in the package. You need to make it on your own.

Gifts / Souvenirs

You might want to buy souvenirs to commemorate your trip. Personal gifts for your loved ones might also be on your list. The cost of such expense does not come in this package.

What affects the Mera Peak climbing cost?

 What affects the Mera Peak climbing cost


The itinerary you choose determines the Mera Peak Climbing cost. How long or short the itinerary is decides the frequency of your expenses. The more number of days on the trip, the higher the expenses on everything. Similarly, if the itinerary is shorter, the cost also diminishes.


There are two ways you can do the Mera Peak climbing. One can be through the Everest Base Camp trek route. The other is through the Hinku Valley route. The routes determine the itinerary, scheduling, transportation, accommodation, permits, etc. The cost of such factors differs based on which route you take. Hence affecting the overall Mera Peak climbing cost.


Timing is a crucial factor that affects your Mera Peak climbing cost. We have already given you the facts of the permit cost. They change with the season. Similarly, the cost of other amenities of the trip also varies based on the season. Off-season trips will cost you less than the treks during spring or autumn.

Extravagant spending

The cost of your trip will plunge if you have erratic spending habits. You can limit your Mera peak climbing cost by relying on the amenities given in the package itself. Save your extravagant spending for something you truly need.

Lodging and Fooding

Another factor that affects the Mera peak climbing cost is the kind of lodging you choose. The basic places are less expensive than the wealthy ones. As such, the price varies according to the kind of lodging.

Moreover, the cost will also be moderated by how frequently you eat and drink, as well as by what kinds you choose. You will be given several options. You can have expensive pizza or burgers or cheap, local meals like Dal Bhat. Similarly, you may have local tea or expensive coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about mera peak climbing cost

How much does the Mera Peak climbing cost?

The Mera Peak climbing cost ranges from USD 2500 to USD 3000. The package we offer will cost USD 2555 per person.

Do we have to pay to climb Mera Peak?

You will need to pay to obtain permits to climb the peak. The Nepal Mountaineering Association provides special permits to climb the peak, without which you cannot climb it.

Can you do the Mera Peak climbing without guides?

No, you cannot climb Mera Peak without a guide. The government has imposed rules that do not allow remote trail trekking or mountain climbing to foreigners without the company of a licensed guide.

Is getting travel insurance necessary for Mera Peak climbing?

Yes, you should definitely get travel insurance for the trip. Getting it does not mean the mountain climb is life-threatening. Travel insurance documents are essential for you to obtain permits for the trip. Make sure you get them in your home country.

Can I shop for my luggage in Nepal?

Yes, you can definitely shop for your luggage in Nepal. Plenty of places with good branded items are available in Thamel and other areas of Kathmandu. The cost of such shopping is not included in the package, though.

Is Mera Peak climbing worth it?

Yes, Mera Peak climbing is definitely worth it. Not only is it friendly for novices difficulty-wise, it is also quite reasonable financially. You get to be a mountain climber without extensive experience and for less than 3000 dollars.