British Newspaper Guardian Says- Nepal is No.1 Destination for Travel

28 Jan 2018 Peak Climbing Nepal

British Newspaper Guardian Says- Nepal is No.1 Destination for Travel

Just in: Nepal is No.1 Destination for Travel of the world is by a well-known British newspaper, The Guardian.

Referring to different sources including the individuals who went to Nepal going through all data, the daily paper has placed Nepal at the top spot in the rundown of 10 best places to Travel. Nepal managed to put a name at the top where nations of Europe and America have not been mentioned. In its report titled ‘ How to plan a post-Brexit holiday’- from Serbia to the Lake District, the online release of daily paper has cited some in portraying Nepal’s capability of tourism.

    Take a look at the article where Nepal is mentioned:

    “Pound for pound, Nepal is a better value than Europe,” says Catherine Shearer of specialist cycle holiday experts H+I Adventures. The country has had a tricky few years that have featured Maoist insurgency, royal massacre and a devastating earthquake, but Nepal has come roaring back. Travellers are reporting a sense of optimism and vibrancy that rubs off on visitors.

    “Democracy is on the rise,” reports Dr Claire Smith of York University’s Asia Research Network. “It is an inspiring moment to visit the country … and the curries are delicious.” This is a country with a huge amount to offer: its mountain ranges, of course, but also a wealth of wildlife, temples, ancient towns and colourful culture. KE Adventure Travel specialises in some spectacular hikes in the country.

    Where to go: 10 countries that should be on your itinerary

    1. Nepal
    2. South Africa
    3. Albania
    4. Bulgaria
    5. Colombia
    6. Iran
    7. Namibia
    8. Malaysia
    9. Kenya
    10. Serbia
    Rara Lake in Nepal
    Rara Lake in Nepal

    It is a pride for us and the whole country. This news provides us with the positive energy to work honestly in this field and organize the great trips for you. Nepal is a dreamland for adventure-seeking mountaineers, trekkers, explorers and all manner of visitors. The year 2015 has been a shocking year for Nepal.  Even though the country has suffered a lot in recent years – it is still one of the most popular adventure travel destinations in the world.

      So, why not pick Nepal as your next destination? Your supports definitely help us reclaim its position as one of the top destination in the world.