Pokalde Peak Climbing Cost

21 Mar 2024 Prakash Devkota

Pokalde Peak Climbing Cost

Pokalde Peak is a stunning Himalayan mountain situated in the Khumbu region at an altitude of around 5,806 meters / 19,049 feet. This peak is easy to climb, and regardless of its small height, the summit rewards you with spectacular views of snow-covered mountains like Everest, Nuptse, Makalu, Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and many other Khumbu Himalayas.

Pokalde Peak Climbing is the best option for adventure enthusiasts seeking a comfortable mountaineering experience with fewer troubles or challenges. The trekking and climbing trails can be difficult at times, but with proper gear and basic climbing knowledge, you can reach the top of this mountain. Prior experience in high-altitude trekking and climbing adventures and a physically fit body are advantageous for the seamless journey.

The cost of the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey relies highly on the duration, route, season, and the services/logistics required for the expedition. Peak Climbing Nepal provides a comprehensive Pokalde Peak Climbing package that exhilarates exploration of the pristine Everest region landscapes through trekking and adventurous climbs from USD 2,555 per person. The total package cost of the Pokalde Peak Climbing covers all the amenities and logistics crucial for a victorious adventure.

Our 18-day Pokalde Peak Climbing journey provides an immersive trekking experience in the remote high-altitude Himalayan regions, along with the thrill of climbing a mountain peak. Booking with us will be the best decision, as we guarantee excellence in services and valuable support across the entire adventure. We offer you a hassle-free booking and also ensure free cancellation if provided with valid reasons.

Pokalde Peak Climbing Cost – Includes

Climbing Pokalde Peak in autumn


After you pay the package cost, our expert team will arrange essentials like trek amenities, permits, transportation tickets, lodges, food, etc. After managing everything that you need, they lead you forward on a hassle-free journey. Also, we ensure you are accompanied by experienced guides to support you throughout the trek.

Here is the detailed breakdown of all the amenities required and included in the Pokalde Peak Climbing adventure.

Cost of Required Permits

The permits required for the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey include both the trekking and climbing permits. For this adventurous journey, you need four permits, whose costs are:

  • TIMS Card: NPR 2,000
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entrance Permit: NPR 3,000
  • Local Permit (Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit): USD 20 per person per week for the first 4 weeks and USD 25 per person per week beyond 4 weeks.
  • Pokalde Peak climbing permit: Rs 0

Note: We handle all the necessary official paperwork to get you the required permits prior to the start of your Pokalde Peak Climbing journey. All you have to do is provide us with a copy of your passport photocopy and a few passport-size photographs.

Transportation Costs

The Pokalde Peak Climbing cost includes all the ground and air transportation expenses incurred from your arrival in Kathmandu to your departure date. The following are the expenses incurred for transportation purposes during the entire journey.

  • Transportation costs to and from the trek starting point, i.e., Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu flight fare: approximately US$ 150 to US$ 200
  • Tribhuwan International Airport pickup and drop on a private vehicle for hotel transfer, domestic flight to Lukla, and international departure: US$ 15 to US$ 20 each way.
  • Private vehicle excursion during your sightseeing day: around 10 to 15 US$.

Cost for Accommodation

Cost for Accommodation pokalde peak climbing

Accommodation is an important aspect of a comfortable and safe journey. It is crucial for proper rest and sleep to refuel for the next day of the journey. The package costs of Pokalde Peak Climbing cover all the accommodation from the start to the end of the journey. It includes a mix of accommodations like luxurious hotels, teahouses/lodges, and tented camps.

The initial cost is the accommodation price for three nights at a high-quality Hotel stay in Kathmandu. The cost of this standard hotel accommodation comes to approximately US$ 45 to US$ 50 per night with bed and breakfast services.

Afterward, during the trekking adventure in the Everest region, you will spend nights in simple teahouse/lodge accommodations. You can expect the basic amenities in the lodges, such as sharing rooms and bathrooms, common toilets, and communal dining spaces. However, you can also enjoy a lavish stay in well-established hotels with modern amenities in the payment of higher price rates. The teahouse accommodation costs for a night is approximately US$ 10 to US$15. Beyond the services/facilities, the cost varies depending on the location and altitude of the accommodation, which is more in remote, difficult locations and higher altitudes.

Also, you will spend nights at tented camps during the climbing journey in accordance with the itinerary. The cost of camping accommodation is inclusive of camping arrangements and equipment for the kitchen during the climbing duration, which comes to around US$ 30 to US$50 per night.

Costs for Meals

You can savor hearty meals at traditional teahouses and lodges along the Everest region trekking trails. These lodges serve you with a variety of local and international cuisines throughout the journey. You can enjoy the vibrant taste of all three meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the entire trekking and climbing adventure.

Food is served with warm local hospitality in teahouses, where you can find dal bhat as a main meal. Likewise, the breakfast items are eggs, sel roti, gundruk, dhindo, yak steaks, thukpa, momo, etc., In addition, some widely found Western food items in teahouses are pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and french fries., The cost of meals in teahouses varies for each specific item, and the average per-day cost can be around US$ 5 to US$ 10. The price for meals is usually higher in remote locations and at higher altitudes due to transportation difficulties.

Also, the meal cost amounts to the welcome and farewell dinner dinner in Kathmandu. However, during the three-night hotel stay in Kathmandu, only the breakfast expenses are covered by the package cost. So, as for lunch and dinner, you have to pay on your own, which comes around US$ 60 to US$ 80.

Costs of Hiring Guides

Cost Climbing Pokalde Peak in Autumn


For a smooth, safe, and immersive journey, you need to be accompanied by an experienced local guide. These guides are familiar with the trails and assist you in navigating the rugged and unfamiliar mountainous terrains.

We will hire a well-trained professional local guide for the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey. Our guides are government license holders and experienced with a record of numerous successful adventures and positive feedback from our past clients. The cost of one experienced climbing guide for each person throughout the Pokalde Peak expedition is around US$25 to US$30 per day. This is the cost inclusive of his food, drinks, accomodation, insurance, transportation, and daily wage.

The Pokalde Peak Climbing package also includes the cost of a local city guide during the one-day sightseeing of Kathmandu. The cost of this guide is approximately US$ 10 to US$ 15.

Porter Costs

Hiring a porter is the best choice rather than bearing the burden of your backpack loads. Porters allow you a free and joyful trekking and climbing adventure by carrying your gear and supplies. After analyzing all the essential factors, we will arrange one porter for each two clients for the trekking duration. Likewise, one extra porter will be added for the climbing part of the journey. This arrangement is sure to align your needs and raise your comfort throughout the adventure.

The cost of a porter for the trekking and climbing journey of Pokalde Peak ranges from US$ 25 to US$ 30, including food, accommodation, insurance, and daily wages.

Costs of a First Aid Kit

The high-altitude Himalayan trekking and mountaineering adventures generally take place at rugged and remote locations, and the same is true of the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey. Trekking along the secluded Himalayan landscapes far from modernity and comfort is a challenge in itself. If you happen to deal with unforeseen circumstances and emergencies during the journey in these remote regions with no infrastructural and technological advancement, you will find challenges in getting immediate health services. So, you need to be well-equipped with a basic first aid kit that also assures the self reliance on basic health care.

We will provide you with a basic first aid kit for the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey. This first aid kit is well-equipped with extensive medical supplies. It is helpful for the quick treatment of normal trekking wounds and accidental injuries during the expedition. Likewise, the first aid kit also includes general medications like diamox for altitude sickness, anti-diarrhoeal for diarrhea, paracetamol for fever, and many more to treat minor health complications during the journey. The cost of this basic first aid kit is approximately US$ 40- 50.

Costs of Buying or Renting Gear and Equipment

Gear and equipment are indispensable aspects of the journey. For seamless and successful travel, you need to have a similar type of gear required for the particular tour or destination. The cost of gear and equipment relies on their quality, materials used, brand reputation etc, which makes them either expensive or cheap. The cost also depends on whether you choose to purchase the gear/equipment or rent them.

The cost of the required gear for the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey, like a backpack, trekking poles, headlamps, clothing, sleeping gear, climbing helmet, ice axes, crampons, etc., comes to around US$300 to US$500.

Other Miscellaneous Inclusions

  • All the governmental taxes (for lodging, permits, travel, etc) and necessary paperwork
  • Health insurance and accident coverage for expedition crews
  • Wages, insurance, and clothing of the staff

    Pokalde Peak Climbing Cost- Excludes

    Route of Climbing Pokalde Peak in Autumn


    Our Pokalde Peak Climbing package does not cover the cost of extravagant expenses during this journey. However, here’s a breakdown of those potential expenses.

    Your Personal Expenses

    During the journey of Poklade Peak, or before or after, you may spend on a range of preferred items beyond the package. You need to make your own payments, such as for shopping, laundry, personal hygiene and toiletries, snacks, personal gear and clothing, etc. These are the personal expenses that are usually incurred during any treks or travel.

    The cost of your Pokalde Peak Climbing journey will rise if you spend extravagantly. The personal expenses cost highly depends on your choice and preferences. If your choice of items is high and also opt for a lavish night instead of basic teahouse accommodation, your expenses increase. So, consider limiting the expenses and overall cost by adjusting the amenities provided by the package.

    It is also better to analyze your self-expenditure and carry enough money converted to local currency. If you are self-sufficient with cash, you can pay for the personal essentials and preferences during the journey. You may need an additional amount of around US$ 500 to US$ 1,000 to spend on personal expenditures during the entire tour.

    Sightseeing Day Expenses

    Cost for Accommodation pokalde peak climbing sightseeing day expenses

    On the second day of the Pokalde Peak Climbing itinerary, you will have an excursion to the Kathmandu Valley. During the sightseeing tour of the Valley, various expenses may occur, such as the purchase of snacks, lunch, art pieces, and monument entry fees. You will visit and explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and several other important historical and cultural monuments of the Kathmandu Valley. So, spare some amount, around 40-50 US$, to spend on the sightseeing days.

    Personal Travel Insurance.

    Travel insurance is vital to overcome losses due to uncertain emergencies that may strike the remote adventure. Several unthought expenses may be incurred, such as the cancellation of the trip, lost baggage, unexpected injuries, and many more. During these situations, insurance helps to get through by compensating the losses.

    Moreover, medical and emergency evacuation coverage takes care of sudden health complications or unavoidable injuries during the adventure. You can have a safe and sound journey with the help of a travel insurnace that allows you to the immediate health facilities or medical approaches in emergency cases.

    For the Pokalde Peak Climbing journey, travel insurance with emergency evacuation and other medical assistance can cost you around US$300 to US$500. The travel insurance cost highly depends upon numerous factors such as the duration and destination of the adventure, altitudes, health and age of the adventurer, and the insurance coverages.

    Tips for Guides/Porters

    Although tips are not mandatory, it is a customary practice of thanksgiving to the support staff during the journey who helped with the safe, easy, and comfortable adventure. Guides and porters work long hours accompanying the trekkers and endure physically demanding conditions to ensure their safety and enjoyment. Tipping is a way to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of such supportive guides and porters. It also serves as a positive reinforcement for them to continue providing excellent services for future clients.

    Since our Pokalde Peak Climbing package doesn’t cover the cost of tips for guides or porters, after a successful journey, you can give them some amount as tips regarding factors like level and duration of service and tipping customs, etc.

    Guide tips for Pokalde Peak Climbing: from US$ 25 to US$ 30

    Porter tips for Pokalde Peak Climbing: from US$ 15 to US$ 20

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    Other Exclusions

    • Cost of fees for Nepalese visa
    • International flight ticket cost
    • The additional cost of hot showers or bucket-full of hot water at the teahouse accommodation during the trek.
    • Use of internet services, electronic chargings, and communication expenses
    • Cost of souvenir expenses either to commemorate your Pokalde Peak Climbing journey or to gift your loved ones.
    • Expenses incurred in case of unforeseen happenings like natural calamities, trail obstruction, etc.


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