1 Clients and 2 Guides Successfully Climbed Everest With Peak Climbing Nepal 2023

9 Jul 2023 Peak Climbing Nepal

1 Clients and 2 Guides Successfully Climbed Everest With Peak Climbing Nepal 2023

In an expedition to conquer the tallest mountain in the world, Mt Everest at 8,849 meters, our client, Czech mountaineer Martin Jachym successfully scaled to the summit of the mountain in spring climbing season 2023.

The Government of Nepal issued a record high of 479-permits for the expedition on Mt. Everest for the spring season of 2023, consisting of 103 women and 376 men from a total of 47 mountaineering expedition teams.

Our Expedition Team

Peak Climbing Nepal’s expedition team 2023 consisted of the following members:

Martin Jachym

Martin Jachym Czech Republic Climber on everest

Martin Jachym is from the Czech Republic; he is an avid mountain lover and feels home at on the slopes of the glorious white-clad mountains. The magnificent peaks of the Himalayas always enchanted Martin, and this wasn’t his first expedition to Nepal.

Back in 2021, Martin successfully climbed the eight-tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Manaslu, at an elevation of 8,163 meters. But, like any true mountaineering enthusiast at heart, Martin didn’t want to consider himself victorious on the slopes of these alluring peaks until he successfully conquered the mightiest them of all, Mt. Everest.

So, following his passion and unwavering determination to turn his dream into reality, Martin contacted him. Martin’s unyielding love for the snow-capped slopes and the guidance from our expert team turned his expedition into an ultimate success story.

Dendi Sherpa

Dendi Sherpa was born and raised in a beautiful civilization known as Solukhumbu on the foothills of Mt. Everest. Born in Solukhumbu, also known as the home of Everest, Dendi grew up admiring the magnificence of the mighties snow-clad peak in the world. Dendi, while growing up, decided that he wanted to chase his passion for conquering the mountain peak. Ever since, Dendi has stayed loyal to his unyielding devotion to the magnificent peaks and has been part of mountain expeditions since 1997.

Dendi later joined Peak Climbing Nepal’s team as a peak climbing and mountaineering guide in 2009. During his two decades of career in the mountaineering industry, Dendi has successfully scaled the peaks like Mt. Everest a total of four times, Mt. Cho Oyu two times, Mt. Shispangma one time, and several 6,000m peaks over a hundred times.

Having started the exploration of the mountain regions at the age of just 16, Dendi is a hardworking, knowledgeable, friendly, and mountaineering expert. He has successfully guided hundreds of Peak Climbing Nepal’s clients to achieve their life-long dreams.

Peak climbing Nepal 2023 Everest Expedition

Ngima Washer sherpa

Ngima Washer Sherpa is another valued team member of Peak Climbing Nepal who has been assisting with the successful expedition on the tallest mountains in the world. Ngima Washer, with over a decade of experience as a mountaineering and expedition guide, has been assisting climbers in scaling, both the tallest mountains in the world known as eight-thousanders, including most five-thousanders, six-thousanders, and seven-thousanders.

Ngima, like any of our mountaineering and climbing guides, put’s our client’s safety and well-being as the top priority. This mountaineering expert doesn’t only emphasize on helping clients achieve their lifelong dreams but also ensures that they have a comfortable and immersive experience without missing out on the warm hospitality that Nepalese are known for.

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, Czech mountaineer Martin Jachym and Indian-Singaporean mountaineer Shrinivas Sainis Dattatraya successfully scaled Everest summit

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