5 Things You Should Know Before Climbing Manaslu

25 Apr 2022 Prakash Devkota

5 Things You Should Know Before Climbing Manaslu

Mt. Manaslu is rightfully one of the vicious mountains to climb following epic long trials and extreme weather. Sited in the Mansiri Himal, this mountain is ferocious with a serrated snow wall and ice slope. Along the route is a series of possible challenges that climbers have to combat.

Overcoming these hurdles will seemingly bring them to the most difficult section of the trail, which includes long mountain ridges and valley glaciers. To reach the summit, climbers have to walk through the mountain pass and cross deep crevasses, which is physically challenging.

Hence, the mountaineers climbing Manaslu will have to plan and prepare for the climb beforehand. There are a couple of things that climbers should know before climbing Manaslu.

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1. Increased strength and skill

Climbing any brutal mountain as Manaslu requires a fair bit of strength and stamina. As the route to the mountain isn’t a regular hiking trail, mountaineers have to train themselves for the strenuous climb with steep rock faces and glaciers.

Surmounting the mountain involves a continuous ascent over a sharp corniced ridge and valley glaciers. It has many treacherous slopes along the way, which are physically as well as mentally demanding. Hence, mountaineers should improve their fitness level to tackle the possible challenges of the climb.

2. Weather and Temperature

The weather and temperature in Manaslu is severe due to high altitude and low air pressure. It’s cold at the summit with temperatures dropping below 0 Degree Celsius in the peak trekking season. The wind picks up a whirlwind speed in the higher elevation, causing mountaineers difficulty.

Pre and post-winter climbers should have to deal with heavy snowfall and blizzards. This may cause havoc in the expedition and even force the climbers to scale down. Therefore, it’s better if the climber considers forecasted weather in highs and lows before heading to the mountain.

It takes a lot of research and understanding to learn about the climatic conditions and weather at Manaslu. So, climbers should take some time off from their hard schedule and take a deeper look into the weather pattern, precipitation, and temperature fluctuation.

3. Research Climbing Route

Embarking on Mt. Manaslu requires a deep understanding and knowledge of the trek routes. Without having complete information about the trail, it’s impossible for climbers to reach the summit. It’ll also help them navigate the endless trail along with the guidance of a local climbing guide.

Apart from the length, the trails possess several other challenges with sheer glacial valleys and ice cliffs. It passes through remote settlements, wild forests, and steep terraces before switching the landscapes from sub-tropical Himalayan foothills to arid transhimalaya high pastures.

Climbers will have to travel the snowy ridge and cross deep crevasse on their way to the summit. They even have to mount the steep ice wall and mountain ridge to reach the crest. Hence, it’s essential for mountaineers to do a background study and research the climbing routes of Mt. Manaslu.

4. Altitude Training

Climbing Manaslu isn’t just any other adventurous activity even though it requires similar fitness training and exercise. Mountaineering involves various other risks, including altitude sickness resulting from low oxygen at extreme altitudes.

The higher you go the lower the atmospheric pressure, which seemingly reduces your efficiency. Therefore, while preparing for the mountain climb, climbers should pre-acclimate and let the body get enough rest to survive the lower oxygen level.

They must take some fitness tips and training before the hike to prevent adverse effects of high altitude. Climbers should do some pre-excursion or surmount low peaks before climbing Manaslu.

5. Right Climbing Equipment

Mountain climbing isn’t just about physical training and exercise. It also involves choosing the right equipment and gear, which seemingly makes the expedition less challenging and easier. Insufficient and faulty equipment can often cause mishaps and injuries.

Hence, mountaineers will have to be more considerate of factors like weather, difficulty, and trek duration while choosing the equipment. They must ensure that whatever items they pick for the Manaslu expedition are in good condition and comes in handy.

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