Let’s Celebrate World Environment Day: 5th June 2020

7 Jun 2018 Peak Climbing Nepal

Let’s Celebrate World Environment Day: 5th June 2020

Each Year, the time had come to celebrate World Environment Day in 5Th June. It’s an amazing day to clean up the planet with Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition. The best Trekking Agency from Nepal, Kathmandu, and Thamel.

The world is our Home and We are a part of it, so we have to work together as a garland to build up our planet neat and clean. Just cleaning our home neglecting community and environment is a wrong conception. So let’s unite on this typical Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition mission for cleaning program with Peak Climbing Nepal.

    Last year also we have conducted World Environment Day with our Climbers along with Peak Climbing Sherpa Guides nearby Everest Base Camp. For the year, 2018 as well on the occasion of World Environment Day me as Prakash Chandra Devkota inviting all my colleagues to get participated in ECB Cleaning Campaign to clean our Glorifying Peak.

    Not only Nepal Tourism Board But Several Trekking Agencies from Nepal also participated on a common mission to conduct several cleaning programs at Various Peak like Mera Peak ClimbingLobuche Peak ClimbingEverest Base Camp ExpeditionAnnapurna Base Camp Trekking, Manaslu Circuit Trek etc. So Come and Let’s Celebrate Together for Nature Conservation Journey.

    A Brief Planning and Mission of UN for World Environment Day

    World Environment Day is the UN’s most imperative day for empowering overall mindfulness and activity for the insurance of our condition. Since it started in 1974, it developed to end up a worldwide stage for an open effort that generally celebrated in more than 100 nations.

    Likewise, World Environment Day is the “general population’s day” for accomplishing remark care of the Earth. That “something” can centre locally, broadly or all around; it can be a performance activity or include a group. Everybody allowed to pick.

    World Environment Day composed around a topic that spotlights consideration on an especially squeezing natural concern. The subject for 2018 is beating plastic contamination.

    Furthermore, World Environment Day has an alternate worldwide host nation, where the official festivals occur. The emphasis on the host nation helps feature the natural difficulties it faces and backings the push to address them. The current year’s host in India.

    Enrollment lately, a huge number of individuals have partaken in a large number of enlisted exercises around the world. If you don’t mind join so we can keep you refreshed on different exercises.

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    Environment Day Fun with Peak Climbing

    For this year, Plastic Pollution is the main agenda for tracing at Peak Climbing for Earth Cleaning.

      Plastic Pollution facts:

      1. Every year the world uses up to 5 trillion plastic sacks
      2. Each year, no less than 13 million tons of plastic wind up in the seas, the likeness of a full waste vehicle consistently.
      3. In the most recent decade, we created more plastic than in the entire century ago
      4. 50 % of the plastic we utilize is single-utilize or expendable
      5. We purchase 1 million plastic containers consistently
      6. Plastic makes up 10% of the greater part of the waste we produce

      So plastic is our need but now it turned into a matter of cerebral pain of everybody. So, it should settle soon before decimating circumstances everybody human progress need to confront.