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Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Difficulty: Adventurous
  • Duration 15 days
  • Altitude 6189 meter
Lobuche Peak Climbing Everest Base Camp Trek

Lobuche Peak Climbing Everest Base Camp Trek

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6,119 meter
Pachermo Peak Climbing

Pachermo Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 19 days
  • Altitude 6187 meter
Chulu East Peak Climbing

Chulu East Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Challenging
  • Duration 22 days
  • Altitude 6584 meter
Nirekha Peak Climbing Nepal

Nirekha Peak Climbing Nepal

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6169 meter
Dhampus Peak Climbing

Dhampus Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 24 days
  • Altitude 6012 meter

Who We Are?

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition is a service oriented company that is run by skilled and well experienced trekking and mountaineering professionals. We are government authorized trekking & Expedition company seeking to provide top level of customer satisfaction while enhancing our own experience in operating various adventure related activities such as high altitude trekking, technical peak climbing, mountaineering and expedition with other adventure related activities in Nepal.

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition not only organizes trips but also contributes actively in raising funds for the development of poor and rural areas of Nepal. Every year 10 percent of our profit from the trips we operate goes to the charity for social work such as reforestation, offering educational materials to poor children in remote and poor areas of Nepal.

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Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing in Nepal

A Small Glimpse of Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing along with the most popular trekking tours in Nepal is organized by Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition at a reasonable cost.

Travellers Say

Abi Peak – ‘ A Great Climbing Experience ‘

This is our second peak climbing trip with Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions. In 2016, we did Island Peak together with Ang-Dawa Sherpa – our climbing guide at that time. We successfully reached the summit at that time. This time we did Abi Peak with Ang-Dawa, it was the great climbing experience. We know for sure that we will come back to do more climbing in Nepal. What we know for sure is that Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition is a trustworthy and sincere company who gives priority to achieving the target object related to trekking, peak climbing or any other activities in Nepal.

Many thanks to all the members for a wonderful trip once again !!!

Best Regards,

Sergio + Selena

Spain [Sergio + Selena]
Top at Tharpu Chuli was Awesome

We are truly satisfied with Nepal Guide Treks providing excellent service and arrangement for our trip i.e. Tharpu Chuli Peak Climbing. Our guide Sonam Sherpa was a great knowledge, friendly and experience. Tharpu Chuli peak climbing was a great peak climbing experience for us. From the top, We cannot imagine what we saw from the top. Stunning views of mountains from the top. Overall our trip was great with NGT. Great team and guide of Nepal Guide treks.

Best of Luck!!!

Theodor & team

Norway [Theodor & team]
Great Adventure on Mera Peak Climbing & Amphu Lapcha Pass
Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal with my guide Sumek Adhikari was a good decision by choosing Nepal Guide treks company. We just finished our Mera Peak Amphu Lapcha pass together with Nepali and my Italian friends. It was my first climbing in Nepal with high altitude trek wasn't easy but an excellent experience.
If you are thinking to go to Nepal for peak climbing, we recommend only one company Nepal Guide Treks and my guide Sumek.
We will surely come back and do more climbing maybe Lobuche peak with you in future.
Auguri !!!
Gaetano & friends
Italy [Gaetano & friends]
Challenging Climb !! Incredible Experience – ‘Phari Laptsa Peak’

We are very pleased to receive a top level of service for Phari Laptsa Peak from Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition team. We had a great time during the whole trip. Our guide – Sonam Sherpa was experienced and energetic person who led us to the summit. Awesome feeling once at the top, we got a lot of pictures and memories from the trip. Also, the crew were very caring, polite and humble. We loved everything about the team’s planning and progression. We recommend Nepal Guide Treks to anyone wanting to adventure related activities in Nepal. Trust us !! You won’t be disappointed. We can’t promise but we really look forward to doing more peak climbing with Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition in future.

Keep up the good work !!!

Sebastien and Benjamin 

Belgium  [Sebastien and Benjamin]


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