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Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Difficulty: Adventurous
  • Duration 15 days
  • Altitude 6189 meter
Lobuche Peak Climbing Everest Base Camp Trek

Lobuche Peak Climbing Everest Base Camp Trek

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6,119 meter
Parchamo Peak Climbing

Parchamo Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 19 days
  • Altitude 6187 meter
Kang Guru Expedition

Kang Guru Expedition

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 30 days
  • Altitude 6981 meter
Dorje Lakpa Expedition

Dorje Lakpa Expedition

Difficulty: Challenging
  • Duration 36 days
  • Altitude 6966 meter
Tukuche Peak Expedition

Tukuche Peak Expedition

Difficulty: Challenging
  • Duration 25 days
  • Altitude 6920 meter

Who We Are?

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition is a service oriented company that is run by skilled and well experienced trekking and mountaineering professionals. We are government authorized trekking & Expedition company seeking to provide top level of customer satisfaction while enhancing our own experience in operating various adventure related activities such as high altitude trekking, technical peak climbing, mountaineering and expedition with other adventure related activities in Nepal.

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition not only organizes trips but also contributes actively in raising funds for the development of poor and rural areas of Nepal. Every year 10 percent of our profit from the trips we operate goes to the charity for social work such as reforestation, offering educational materials to poor children in remote and poor areas of Nepal.

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Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing in Nepal

A Small Glimpse of Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing along with the most popular trekking tours in Nepal is organized by Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition at a reasonable cost.

Travellers Say

Chulu West Peak with Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition

This is my second trip with Nepal Guide Treks. In 2015, I did Island Peak Climbing with NGT. At that time I was amazed by the service I was given by the team members. Inspired by the events at that time, I decided to climb Chulu-West Peak this year. And honestly speaking – the team members have once again exceeded my expectations. I am very satisfied with the arrangements even before and after the trip. Thousand thanks to – Dendi Sherpa, whose instructions and guidance made the climb to summit possible. I recommend Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition for best trekking and expedition in Nepal. I am sure that I will be back next year to do some more climbing together with NGT.

Best Regards,

Christian G.


Canada [Christian G.]
Excellent Experience in Singu Chuli with Our Guide

From the moment, I and my friend bumped into D.B. at the airport, We felt these guys were a safe bet. I had previous experience of trekking or Nepal. But Prakash listened to my plans and put together a great trip. The price was very reasonable, and he managed to get me a guide, Dawa Sherpa, who was happy to carry my pack. He was a great guy to walk with for 27  days, nothing was ever a problem, he always gives me best price for lodging, food, beer + cigarette and other essentials. Whenever I wanted to rest, we rested, when I wanted to push onto the near village, sometimes in the dark, we would. He didn't complain once. Ever when I suggested we climb Singu Chuli Peak (6501m.) with no climbing experience, he made it happen, using his own experience and Savoy and contacts, We got a permit and equipment from clung, and a second guide, with excellent experience- and up we went. It was the perfect end to a superb trip, huge amount of fun, great exercise, great value. You should use this company, Nepal Guide Treks, they will listen to you and you can trust them on price, knowledge, experience, and general ease + pleasantness to deal with.

Have fun & all the best.

Kind regs, Daroufterwlt (Shendy)

Hong Kong [Daroufterwlt (Shendy)]
‘Roof of the World’ – Everest !!!

Mount Everest also is known as the ‘ the highest mountain ‘ on the planet is every climber’s dream. Thanks to the enormous effort and support of NGT ‘s Sherpa team members (for carrying, arranging and managing basically everything – Tents, Mattresses, Climbing gears, oxygen cylinders, cooking utensils and other equipments). We received the top level of service during the whole expedition period. Our climbing guide was Ang-Dawa Sherpa, without his experience and technical climbing skills – there was no other way in earth we could summit Everest.

Standing at the  ‘top of the world’ truly is an exceptional feeling. Up to Base Camp, it is basically normal trekking – but from Camp I and higher camps). We really appreciate all the support and burning desire which made our summit climb possible. We lack the words, to describe the intensity and challenges that we crossed before heading to the main summit. We reached the summit around 11 in the morning. We have lot of pictures from the summit and the whole trip. We really had an unbelievably amazing experience of our lifetime. We strongly recommend Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition for trekking, climbing and any kind of adventure related activities in Nepal.

Cheers !! Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions?

Mitchell and group 

New Zealand [Mitchell and group]
‘Saribung Peak’ – Thanks NGT team

Many thanks to Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions for arranging our adventurous Saribung Peak Climbing. Overall, everyone in our group had positive thoughts about the whole setting of the trip. Our climbing guide – Ang Dawa Sherpa had good technical knowledge for tackling difficult sections. Without his guidance reaching the summit wouldn’t have been easy. All in all, we would like to pay our gratitude to everyone who contributed for our successful climb of Saribung Peak summit. We will certainly come back for doing more adventure related activities with NGTs.

Good Luck for the future !!

Paul and Group

United States of America [Paul and Group]


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