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Short Ama Dablam Expedition - 15 Days

Short Ama Dablam Expedition - 15 Days

Difficulty: Challenging Thriller
Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Difficulty: Adventurous
  • Duration 15 days
  • Altitude 6189 meter
Lobuche East Peak Climbing

Lobuche East Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6,119 meter
Mera Peak Climbing - 17 Days Itinerary

Mera Peak Climbing - 17 Days Itinerary

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 17 days
  • Altitude 6,461 meter
Chulu East Peak Climbing

Chulu East Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Challenging
  • Duration 22 days
  • Altitude 6584 meter
Nirekha Peak Climbing Nepal

Nirekha Peak Climbing Nepal

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6169 meter
Dhampus Peak Climbing

Dhampus Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 24 days
  • Altitude 6012 meter

Who We Are?

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition is a service oriented company that is run by skilled and well experienced trekking and mountaineering professionals. We are government authorized trekking & Expedition company seeking to provide top level of customer satisfaction while enhancing our own experience in operating various adventure related activities such as high altitude trekking, technical peak climbing, mountaineering and expedition with other adventure related activities in Nepal.

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition not only organizes trips but also contributes actively in raising funds for the development of poor and rural areas of Nepal. Every year 10 percent of our profit from the trips we operate goes to the charity for social work such as reforestation, offering educational materials to poor children in remote and poor areas of Nepal.

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Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing in Nepal

A Small Glimpse of Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing along with the most popular trekking tours in Nepal is organized by Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition at a reasonable cost.

Travellers Say

Thrilling Adventure at ‘ Chulu West Peak ‘

We have recently completed our well planned Chulu West Peak climbing with Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions. We don’t have words enough to describe how beautiful and exotic it was when we reached the summit. The excellent service provided by Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition is highly acknowledged by our group members. The whole set up was just perfect……loved it !!!

We had clear weather to our side most of the time, we could see clear views of surrounding mountains. Heavenly feeling in the middle of the Himalayas. It was amazing !!  We are certainly coming back for more climbing together with Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions.

NGT is Highly Recommended to anyone wanting to explore the mesmerizing Himalayas!!

With Love from the United Kingdom.

Jimmy + Nigle + Irean

United kingdom [Jimmy + Nigle + Irean]
Pokalde, Island and Lobuche Peak Climbing Thankfulness to the Peak Climbing Nepal team for having this fantastic package on their list. Otherwise, I would never be able to do one of Nepal's best peak climbing expeditions. This itinerary, which goes to Pokalde, Island, and Lobuche peak, is a complete adventure. With this team of Peak Climbing Nepal, I got the best assistantship. Trekking guides, climbing guides, kitchen staffs, and other crew members were all so lovely to my group and me. Our expert climbing guide was so good at explaining things. That helped us to follow up on the instruction. Our hard work and the team’s support were the two significant factors of the expedition. Both went hand in hand, and the trip became successful. These people were great at what they had been doing for some time. I highly recommend them. Australia [Elijah, Henry, Ava, and Harper]
Absolutely perfect organized Mera Peak

I had a personalized itinerary and everything was absolutely perfect organized while trekking and climbing. My guide Dendi Sherpa made an outstanding job and did not just show me the landscape but also gave me deep insights into their unique culture. Without Nepal Guide Treks and my guide Dendi Sherpa, I can't achieve Mera peak without their support. Thanks so much for this fantastic experience, can't wait to go back.



Austria [Anita]
An Awesome Experience at Dhampus Peak

We are a couple from France and we just did Dhampus Peak Climbing with Nepal Guide Treks & Expeditions. We had a very good time, mostly because our guide Dendi Sherpa has made our trek unforgettable. He has been very kind and thinking always about us when making decisions. Overall, it was a great experience for us. We will definitely recommend your company and service to our friends and family.

Natasha + Adriano Greetings from France

France [Natasha + Adriano]


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Pachermo Peak Difficulty

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