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Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Island Peak Climbing Itinerary - 15 Days

Difficulty: Adventurous
  • Duration 15 days
  • Altitude 6189 meter
Lobuche Peak Climbing Everest Base Camp Trek

Lobuche Peak Climbing Everest Base Camp Trek

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6,119 meter
Pachermo Peak Climbing

Pachermo Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 19 days
  • Altitude 6187 meter
Chulu East Peak Climbing

Chulu East Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Challenging
  • Duration 22 days
  • Altitude 6584 meter
Nirekha Peak Climbing Nepal

Nirekha Peak Climbing Nepal

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 18 days
  • Altitude 6169 meter
Dhampus Peak Climbing

Dhampus Peak Climbing

Difficulty: Adventures
  • Duration 24 days
  • Altitude 6012 meter

Who We Are?

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition is a service oriented company that is run by skilled and well experienced trekking and mountaineering professionals. We are government authorized trekking & Expedition company seeking to provide top level of customer satisfaction while enhancing our own experience in operating various adventure related activities such as high altitude trekking, technical peak climbing, mountaineering and expedition with other adventure related activities in Nepal.

Nepal Guide Treks & Expedition not only organizes trips but also contributes actively in raising funds for the development of poor and rural areas of Nepal. Every year 10 percent of our profit from the trips we operate goes to the charity for social work such as reforestation, offering educational materials to poor children in remote and poor areas of Nepal.

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Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing in Nepal

A Small Glimpse of Top 10 Most Popular Peak Climbing along with the most popular trekking tours in Nepal is organized by Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition at a reasonable cost.

Travellers Say

‘Tent Peak’ Tharpu Chuli and Singu Chuli ‘Fluted Peak’

It is our pleasure to express our gratitude to the whole NGT team for contributing their best which resulted in a successful summit climb of two peak – Tharpu Chuli and Singu Chuli.

Our guide was Ang-Dawa Sherpa, a wise climber who led us all the way to the summit of two peaks. His guidance and instructions were very fruitful and we would already like to tell that we want to do more climbing with him in future. Everything else was arranged perfectly. We do not have complaints of any sorts. We were always greeted humbly, fed well and focused at our aim of reaching the summit of Tent peak and Fluted Peak. We are so happy to have completed our dream climb.

We strongly recommend Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition for any kind of adventure-related trips in Nepal.

Best Regards,

Bartek and group 

Poland [Bartek and group]
Memorable Adventure at Dhampus Peak

I would like to recommend Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions to anyone who wants to do trekking, peak climbing and expedition in Nepal. Be assured of professional service, affordable price and seriousness to achieve the target. I recently returned after summiting Dhampus Peak, the climbing of the summit included many technical parts which wouldn’t have had been easy without our expert guide – Ang-Dendi Sherpa. Many thanks to him for a memorable adventure. I am very happy and will for sure come back for more climbing and trekking in Nepal.

Thomas D.

Norway  [Thomas D.]
Mera peak climbing in the heart of winter Off-season mountain climbs are usually very tricky and dangerous. But I always wanted to see the peak of the world at its prime during winter. So I decided to do the Mera peak climbing through Peak climbing Nepal. I did feel like I overestimated myself by trekking the Khumbu region in the beginning. The climb was exhausting and challenging, but it was all worth it. The snow-covered Khumbu region in the peak of winter was the most ethereal experience of my life. The world’s highest peak, along with mountain ranges adjacent to it with a fresh snow cover, is an immensely beautiful sight. USA [Millie Herbert]
The most Dangerous Mountain to Climb – ‘ Annapurna I ‘ Successfully Climbed

We booked our Annapurna Expedition with Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition via the Internet. We want to express our gratitude to the whole team members of Nepal Guide Treks. Excellent teamwork by the polite and humble group of Sherpa people. Everything was properly managed.

We were served good and hygienic food with warm and comfy tents. Our climbing guide was Ang-Dendi Sherpa – very skilful climber who played a big role in motivating and leading us to the summit of the world’s dangerous mountain to climb.

The feeling at the top cannot be described in word’s but the risk was all worth taking for adventure-seeking climbers like us !!

Thanks to everyone in the team who played their role in making this expedition successful !!

We have a lot of pictures and memories from the trip which will always remind us about our brave and adventurous climb of Annapurna I.

We strongly recommend Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition to anyone wanting to indulge in adventure related activities in Nepal.

We can guarantee that you will be in good hands !!

Good Luck !!!

Dominik and group 

Poland [Dominik and group]


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